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Kim & Brie are back! This time they’re here to give you some tips on how to comfortably celebrate the holidays after a TBI. Post Concussion Syndrome can make holidays even more overwhelming than usual, [More]
Trauma-informed practice and a trauma-informed lens is intended to be preventative and proactive, acknowledging how each child or youth is currently coping. This video is a resource included in Compassionate Learning Communities: Supporting a Trauma-Informed [More]
Every cell in your body runs on a roughly 24-hour clock. This internal clock, or circadian rhythm, determines when you feel most alert and productive and when it’s time to hit the hay. While these [More]
Treatment for Diffuse Axonal Injury shows improvement such as Improved walking Can crawl independently Truncal balance is better Can kneel independently #DiffuseAxonalInjury #disability #neurological #disorders #incurable #stemcell #bonemarrow #transplant #treatment #physiotherapy #occupationaltherapy #rehabilitation #alternative For [More]
It’s more serious than a bump on the head. More athletes are being diagnosed with concussions. On Thursday the Minnesota Brain Injury Alliance held its 28th annual conference at the Earl Brown Heritage Center in [More]
In this video we put your questions on spasticity and spasms to consultant physiotherapist, Katrina Buchanan. She covers what drug treatments can help, what trigger factors you need to be aware of and types of [More]
Multiple Sclerosis Foot Drop Study
The state’s numbers show there’s not a lot of diversity within certain areas of the TBI. However, three women say they’re going above and beyond to change that. For more Local News from WSMV: https://www.wsmv.com/ [More]
Why did we decide to develop the new Concussion/mTBI Rehabilitation Certification Program? To learn more about the upcoming program, visit carrick.us/tbi #carricktrained #carrickinstitute #concussionprogram #concussion #mtbi #headinjury #neuroscience #neurology
First Technical ride on new 2024 EXC 300 TBI and first impressions. Hard Enduro in Chonburi Thailand. it’s not an Enduro Race but fun Hard Enduro tracks. KTM 2024 EXC 300 TBI is a fun [More]
Ways to support this channel: To Purchase An Electrical Stimulation device: https://carex.com/collections/tens-units/products/stimchoice-4000-tens-unit-and-ems-muscle-stimulator? Use Code REHABHQ15 for 15% off Visit the Rehab HQ store on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/shop/rehabhq SIGN UP TO GET ACCESS TO REHAB HQ EXERCISE [More]
Doctors say the 18-year-old had a tangle of blood vessels in his head the size of a plum. It caused bleeding in his brain that was the size of an apple. More: https://www.khou.com/article/news/health/tomball-teen-makes-speedy-recovery-after-brain-hemorrhage/285-d05b5fee-1d8f-43db-b470-1d11a5a85747
Cognitive FX is a concussion clinic for anyone who is suffering with post concussion syndrome. We are the World’s Premier Center for Concussion Treatment. Get a FREE Concussion Consultation: https://bit.ly/freeconcussionhelp “EPIC Treatment: A Post-Concussion Syndrome [More]
How Long Do Concussion Symptoms Last? What is Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)? Dr. Gabella discusses how long concussion symptoms typically last and what to do when symptoms don’t resolve. Treatment for Post-Concussion Syndrome & Brain Rehabilitation. [More]
The May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders provides exceptional services to children, adolescents, and young adults, ages 5-22, with acquired brain injury or neurological disease. Learn more at brocktonschool.mayinstitute.org.
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