10 Exercises for Foot Drop after Stroke, Nerve, or Muscle Damage (Weak Ankle & Foot).

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate 10 Exercises that can be performed in treatment of foot drop after Stroke, Nerve, or Muscle Damage (weakness of ankle and foot).

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Shane Cogar says:

I passed out and fell , which lead to a sciatic nerve injury and now my right foot seems paralyzed .. haven't had any physical therapy because the Dr told me there is nothing I can do .. but upon studying my injury I am finding out that there is hope … I'm going to do what I can do but in all honesty I do need some Rehab , if only these Drs here in West Virginia wasn't so behind in Medical Science .. Please help anyone with the knowledge and ability to do so is available 🙂

Suresh Babu says:

Thanks a lot Doctors☺

Toni Jemisenia says:

Does this work for someone with knee pain

Misty Meredith says:

Hi Bob and Brad I came across your videos after looking at foot braces for foot drop. I have cerebal palsy, but after having surgery at the age of 8yrs. old I was able to walk. I started physical therapy after and had custom made braces for both feet. During a move they were lost and my mother couldnt afford to get another pair. Our church helped raise the money for them. I have drop foot and tend to drag my feet when walking. I have eversion and im knocked knee. Is there anything thing that could help me correct this and give me a better posture as well as gait? I have a lot of lower back pain and limited balance due to the way I walk.

Rita lima says:

I was affected by GBS 4 years ago, i have slight foot drop on one of my leg, and also I am not able to stand straight, i have to learn front side to stand, any excercise for that please

Erica Dunn says:

All thanks to Dr Aluda on YouTube for curing me from stroke with his holistic herbs. He also cures cancer, herpes virus, hpv.

Stephan Ginther says:

I have a bit of foot drop from a bad ankle injury from about 5 years ago. No broken bones but quite a bit of muscle damage. I really need to do some physical therapy for it. I realized about a year ago that I couldn't tap my left foot. I really need to do stretching and strengthening for it. I know a quite a bit (I just need to actually do it) this video had some stuff I hadn't thought of though, thank you.

Sally Hugg says:

Thank you a thousand times over for this video. Just recovering from Covid Omicron and my right leg is affected. Big time foot drop. Already sprained ankle getting off tractor trying to do chores. Your video gives me hope.

J.D.Hutchens says:

I had a right leg bypass a year ago. At first, I had a really hard time walking. I was numb from my knee to my toes and that area still numb and I trip on my toes even today. Also I can't flex my toes

pat dainel says:

Has any one here fully recovered from drop foot? Someone Please tell me this can go away.

ßLACK HOLE says:

If I was born with foot drop do you think this would cure it?

Augustina Anokam says:

Thanks a lot doctor you are good

Jaquan Colt says:

I was discharged in August 2019 after being in hospital for nine whole months in total. My stroke affected my left side, and my vision and my cognition were also affected. I would not have known where to start writing this, and it’s taken a while, but I’m assured it’s all good practice and will help me. (But I apologize for any mistakes! …spelling and grammar….etc.) They say patience is a virtue, and that may actually be more true after a stroke. However, I do see improvements every day. Stay strong and just talk about how you feel. I had numerous areas of my brain that were affected – I become very emotional and I cry sometimes. I was not depressed, just a little bit ‘wazed’ off with my brain. My journey all began back in November 2016. I had been feeling very tired for quite some time and my husband came in from work one evening to find me very drowsy and not very responsive. He called for an ambulance. Shortly after I had a seizure and then another four more on the way! I had a blood test and they found I was severely anemic, with a blood count of 23, so I needed 4 units of blood, which needed to be done very quickly as otherwise, I would not have survived. This did wonders for me and I was in hospital for around another week, then discharged with plans to do further investigations as an outpatient. After being home for around a week, I had another seizure and was taken back into the hospital. I had a few more, which led up to my first stroke on 12th December. I spent all of Christmas in hospital and was making a good recovery up until 31st December. On New Year’s Eve, I had my second stroke, which affected another area of my brain. This knocked me back, but I carried on with my recovery. I was starting to get quite down, but then my first grandchild told me about the herbal remedy of one Dr Ovie who was said to have cured Stroke. I was in hospital and so I had something to focus on. After a week or so I moved home. We had to contact the Herbalist for his herbs. I was doing really well for a couple of months as I had just started to take a couple of steps. While I was at home, I was visited by a Different Strokes volunteer as they heard I was recovering in months after taking the herbs. They were also stroke survivors. I was inspired! So, when I was well cured, I joined the Different Strokes ‘family’. (#dsfamily). The peer support is fantastic and I am now even involved in running the Leeds Central group! I am fully cured. I survived strokes and I’m here to tell the tale! Contact Dr Ovie via email ( ovie.miraclemedicine1@gmail.com).

Sunita n says:

Hello doctor.. I am from punjab. My foot muscles weak. What i can do easily at home. Without the help of another person. Ankle sprained last year in the December month. But I also got treatment from different doctors ,not yet got rid from swelling. Please doctor help me guide me . Also contact with me sir

Laliaa🍭 says:

Thank you, doctor.🙏🏻

Anna Brown says:


Lil Y says:

I have someone who's in plantar flexion, very high time, at all time and I am afraid if I tilt hard on their foot, I would break their foot. What can I do, should I be afraid?

LowKeyBeams says:

Cool. I'm like 2 days into losing the ability to lift my right foot and I'm gonna be doing these for like a week.

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