#2 TBI and relationships

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My second video. I had multiple tech issues with this and after recording it a few times my energy said no more. So you have it in it’s raw and honest form – just like brain injury! If it offends your perfectionist sensibilities I’m sorry but life is too short and tiring to keep doing the same thing and the message is there even if it looks like I’m doing a bad lip sync job! Just close your eyes and listen 🙂 I’ll fix the gremlins for next time (if i can figure out what they are, it worked perfectly for the first video).

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-Ivan Loesch says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2slILlyCI0 My personal account of brain injury!

earFront says:

Thanx for the talk, Miss Braingirl.
Have a great day.

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