2 Weeks After Decompression of Common Peroneal Nerve

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This patient is only 2 weeks out from a decompression of the common peroneal nerve at the fibular head for weakness in the leg with a partial foot drop, as well as zinging and stinging pain down his leg, across his ankle, and through his toes. As early as two weeks after surgery 95% of his pain has been relieved and he has regained stability in his ankle with almost immediate increase in muscle strength. If you or a person you know suffer from similar pain, Dr. Eric H Williams would be happy to discuss this with you at the Dellon Institute for Peripheral Nerve Surgery in Baltimore, Maryland at 410-337-5400

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Tejas Bamne says:

Hello sir iam an athlete and I over iced my comman fibular nerve which lead to foot drop and because of this there is lack of dorsiflexion in my ankel I can't even walk on my heels from one leg what should I do plz reply sir

hmp2085 says:

What type of doctor attends nerve compression in lower legs?

C mc says:

Hi, I have this condition for 7 months, I am waiting on a MRI with contrast results, from my general doctor, what kind of doctor could do my surgery? What is the cost of this surgery?

Fine Art by Aldo says:

What about showing the patient comparing and showing how the repaired injured drop foot is to the normal foot?

Tracy Self says:

How does a back surgery cause compression at the knee?

Veronica Palmer says:

How long does the average surgery take?

Rissa SA says:

What kind of medical specialist are you? I would like to be seen by a doctor of your caliber to assist me with my diabetes neuropathy. I live on Guam.

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