3 Ways You Can Improve Emotional Regulation Using DBT

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DBT is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to managing emotions. In fact, there is an entire module of this treatment dedicated to emotional regulation. In this interview, triple board-certified neuropsychologist Dr. Judy Ho and MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson discuss…

1. What role do emotions biologically play in our behavior and how we respond to conflict?
2. What comes first, the behavior or the emotion?
3. How can someone reduce overly emotional responses using mindfulness?
4. What are the 3 goals of the emotional regulation model of DBT?
5. What are some examples of how we tend to be vulnerable towards emotions like sadness, denial, anger, fear, and happiness?
6. What are some ways people may incorrectly express their emotion?
7. How can someone start utilizing “emotion words”?

And more.

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MedCircle says:

Watch the rest of this series on effective ways to improve your emotional health (featuring Dr. Judy Ho) HERE:

Maili Tedd says:

You don't understand alexythymia. We're not in denial, we literally don't have the ability to recognize and label what we feel in a language that you understand

88niteowl88 says:

Tfs. This was so helpful. To everyone reading this, Jesus loves you.

Happy Bergner says:

Accept means, "recognizing it exists as FACT "
Accept does NOT mean, "I like this "

Emma L says:

Yeahhhh just force yourself to repress your emotions, act like its all ok and get 'quiet bpd' instead 🤣🥴

Jia Fit says:

I just did a video on the 6-step process of how I emotionally regulate

Darzphone Graves says:

Sure be proud of good health but just don't lord it over others. They're people too. They Matter to God!

Rosalyn Jolly says:

Can feelgood and bad joy joy joy down in my ❤

Pia Love says:

This is positive and beneficial for many. A man from Detroit has done extensive work in this area!!! Self discipline or controlling your emotional responses to things is a valuable lesson many need to learn!

XLaurie StarChildStudios says:

Emotions are AMPLIFIED for me. I have alot of early trauma…but i was put in emotional charge of my parents at age 3….i was the emotional external hard drive and they literally gave me responsibility for their emotions and ensuing reactions.
To survive since age 3 i had to divert my emotions. The grownups were COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL.
I was in the middle of EVERYTHING SINCE AGE 3.
You can only imagine the suffering i have experienced because of the broken people i naturally allowed into my life.
I am tired.
I dont want to walk in the park.
I want to love and indulge the part of me that was traumatized.
I want to lovingly reintegrate all those frozen frightened pieces of me..
I want them to feel safe enough to come home.xo

XLaurie StarChildStudios says:

Dont we all live in denial about some of our pain everyday ?
Thats how i learned to live my life. Now im confused.

Lexi Lexi says:

I’m having a hard time. Because when I express myself I start to cry and then people think I’m crazy or getting too attached to them when I’m just trying to be understood. So I just be quiet and alone.

Shyaaam Meneen says:

Nice video. Be joyful by your nature. To feel better reduce negative thoughts with a simple practice. Your breath and mind [brain] are closely related causing stress-anxiety. For a better life sit on a chair, neck straight, eyes closed and observe the sensations of your incoming–outgoing breath at the entrance of the nostrils for 5-10-15 minutes or more. Don’t fight your thoughts. Slowly the mind will relax. No deep breathing needed. Do the practice without any expectations. Change happens from within by itself. Day or night, when taking a walk, sitting in a park, when reading, at office, before sleep etc sit or lie down and observe your breath. Like me, make this a lifetime daily habit to have a good life. Reduce negative social media. Avoid constipation as it affects the mind instantly. Best wishes. Senior Counsellor.

bounhome sirisavath says:

Gifts subscribe thumbs Up to
Dr. Judy I love love her talk

Salander Salgado says:

This video doesn't teach you anything

Jonnie Mae Middletonlotte says:

My what good direction.

Tisch says:

I wish going outside fixed my suicidal thoughts. I’m carrying on, pretending to be happy. I don’t know what I need from life

kwi says:

I can express if a movie is sad or a situation that effects someone else is sad, but when someone asks me how I feel, I simply can't express it. I might know that I do not feel good, but I can't label it anymore. This has become a problem after leaving an abusive marriage. I wonder if I'm broken forever. I'm trying to work through some self help books and have been reading a lot because I know that some of my voting mechanisms are no longer helping. I cannot afford counseling or therapy right now, so I am desperately seeking something I can use that might give me some relief.

Rossana Pettersén says:

Excellent information! Thank you. Ps. I think the lightning or something is making her hair look greenish

Michael Adams says:

Emotions are awful, we would be better off without them

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