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After complaining of a severe headache during swim practice, 14-year-old Andee was brought to Children’s where she was diagnosed with an extremely rare acquired brain injury called Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). As typical with non-traumatic acquired [More]
➡️ Get a FREE handout of our complete shoulder mobility routine: https://rehab-hq.com/shoulder-extension-program/ Want to go a little deeper with Tara? ➡️ BECOME A GOLD/PREMIUM MEMBER: Join our growing community of members and get instant access [More]
Dr. Stewart Levy discusses the importance of proper seat belt and helmet usage for brain injury prevention. www.intermountainneurosurgery.org
Rita traveled from Denver, Colorado to seek help after exhausting all the options of myriad local neurologists and rehabilitation specialists. She provides deep insight into what it is like to suffer from a TBI, and [More]
Like other veterans with TBI, Adam finds talking on a cellphone stressful and uncomfortable. He prefers talking face-to-face with people, that way he can hear better and also see the person’s body language.
The Return to School Program at Parkwood Hospital teaches young adults the strategies to resume studies while coping with acquired brain injury. Video segment from CTV News London used with permission.
The Must Try Harder DVD could be useful to parents of children who have survived acquired brain injury, their teachers, SENCO’S and others involved in meeting their educational needs. It provides an understanding of why [More]
Caron Gan is an RN and Marriage and Family Therapist, registered with the Ontario and American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. For the past 18 years of a 30-year career in healthcare and rehabilitation, [More]
Dr. Samantha Backhaus talks about anger management strategies. This content is made possible by a partnership between the Indiana University School of Medicine and WETA/BrainLine. The contents of this video were developed under a grant [More]
PODCAST: http://bit.ly/2rywfMo WEBSITE: https://www.fxnlmedia.com How can you have 20/20 vision post-concussion, yet still have a visual dysfunction? Optometrist, Dr. Shirley Blanc (B.Sc., O.D.), talks with us about the relationship between concussion and visual dysfunction and [More]
What challenges do students face at school and in life, following a traumatic brain injury? This presentation highlights many of the ways that TBI can affect learning and behavior and the types of supports and [More]
Todays call. Please see the notes being read about how we manage our calls. Anyone interested in joining our calls is more than welcome to join us, with respect for others. This is includes caregivers, [More]
FREE online training The FREE online training of brain.rehab provides the best insights in the fields of brain and physical training, energy management, sleep, neuroplasticity, and nutrition (and many other topics). Brain.rehab was developed by [More]
Watch the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhhTWYDPAXI | Brought to you by Tommy John premium underwear https://tommyjohn.com/tim, Athletic Greens all-in-one nutritional supplement http://athleticgreens.com/tim, and ButcherBox premium meats delivered to your door http://butcherbox.com/tim. Resources from the episode: [More]
Head injuries are common but if you know the signs of TBI and get prompt medical treatment, people often recover, returning to the lives they’ve always lived. #TraumaticBrainInjury #TBITreatment #MentalHealth – Follow and subscribe to [More]
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