A Day in the Life of a Stroke Survivor with Spasticity

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Spasticity is a common condition that can be under diagnosed and under treated. Spreading awareness about spasticity may help stroke survivors, their families and caregivers to better understand this condition.

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Victor Modesto says:

I have spaticity i was fine until i put botox. Instead of loosing my fingers it got tighter.big mistake with botox.

Ringkhang Basumatary says:

Thank you to all.

Gary Walling says:

Ok so we know what it is, what causes it etc. So why is it not getting cured? Hemmorageic stroke 1 year ago 2day, have stretched, slept ate well, going to the gym, passive exercises, subtle exercises, visualization, electrical stimulus etc. Spasticity getting worse wtf?

Brian Gode says:

I had a small stroke January /2014 my left problems raising my left arm very bad use of left hand if walking is bad not using hemi aid neck should on left well on off bed toilet is ok eating right hand only can I use left arm at all well now as I type this my neck on left side is well since very young my spine sitting up straight posture is well shoulders chiropractors were well now told see orthopedics problem is I live in a nursing home sinc maybe last 18months no visitors or outside world as my senorita and I would do in the past I have no way to go see her maybe in ten years more or less when we last dated I can not say I have so called rehabilitation in gym here but it does what for me as I see on this I pad my left wrist hand are not working as is my right side hand heavy arm on left I can not raise I have not been on my front side when who knows dressing is well some problems socks not fallen lately but have or have in my past passed out from hig blood pressure my nerves are wellLli grew up at home my dad well mom dad called me physiology local not normal I was somewhat different from others as society approves of my senorita says all she ever knew me loco nuts never my dad was miserable over me mom well he had it wrong as do others just because most volks are one way they all are we 2 in our dating love the simple things plain but nice no over fancy dinning or booze drugs valintines or what is no ones business but ours well Some spend we can not do it penniless but very nice if more were like this I d say be healthier more time to enjoy yourselves it is later than you think easy does it if I lose her then what most senoritas are well gold diggers in my scavenger hunting trash picking once 425 worth of gold big piece I love using I pad so much I see learn on life volks the world society or more you could never get from college why I donot see so much said over college education at a very high cost for what for some well others well do they really get high paying jobs I love my self business dinero varies but it depends on what I do more sensibly than most doing it life can be what you do or make of it how done not what you do or each day one never knows other than the usual what will be if we see what dinero most waste on doing things make changes different as I have learned over years my past then how to say it any how have a nice day if possible my other comments were some ways to do with less thank you I am sick of complainer or those who say I can’t do it or there is nothing to pick up it takes patients drs nurses can’t live with out

Stroke Survivor says:

I survived A stroke 2years ago. I used to be half paralyze. but now I can move my arms and legs. thank God I can walk again. Follow my page I put all things that I do to help me recover. maybe it can help us survivors.

Ali Makame says:

How can I get these devices. I'm from Tanzania

Vy says:

Hi dear I just have a question so I do have a stroke and my finger they keep curl in the hand so anyway can you recommend for me where do I can ask the botulinum injection or even the name of the medicine for my muscle relax please thank you so much 😊

Jihad Haddadin says:

My case exactly same as your situation, I would love to learn from you,thanks.

Gribson Chan says:

From the video, I did not see any exercise to deactivate your finger spasticity. If so, it means your brain has not being trained to send signal to deal with spasticity. If this is the situation you are facing, likely you still have spastic issue with you and your finger movement may greatly affected.
Hope that someone could train up your CNS system to interfere that.

Mike Cheng says:

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林添秀 says:


Mark Reynolds says:

Nice video about spasticity, this is hard to deal at times, things usually don’t go the way you want them to. Even after several months of therapy. There are physical and emotional boundaries that need to addressed also in attaining the right attitude.

virtuoso Productions says:

Clonus is worst condition than spasticity.

Rajul Vasa says:

Time to question neuroscience to ask right questions why you suffering from spasticity in this modern times is continued, whose fault? Is neuroscience searching and researching and searching? Or is busy to secure funds to secure their own position s in power? When will dogmatic teaching of many decades that believes that there is no cure from spasticity will be flipped with new questions, new search and research with strong WILL to end the birth of spasticity for good.

Rajul Vasa says:

spasticity is highly misunderstood for over many decades. u can get rid off it 100% without drugs and its side effect simply by knowing what spasticity is in Vasa Concept. Dr Rajul Vasa


6 YEARS after my stroke the spasticity is worse!

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