A Family Member's Guide to Coping with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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In this Military Families Learning Network webinar,
Dr. Timothy Elliott, Ph.D., discusses ways professionals can work with family caregivers on coping with service members who have traumatic brain injury. Living with a wounded warrior who has had a TBI can be overwhelming to families. Not only are caregivers having to assist with medical appointments, multiple therapy sessions, and maintaining medications for their service member, but they are also having to deal with other aspects specific to TBI patients, for example behavioral changes.

For professionals working with this unique audience, it is important to assist caregivers though this process and to provide them with basic coping strategies to help them and their warriors succeed in the road to recovery.

Find presentation slides and additional resources for this Military Families Learning Network webinar at https://militaryfamilieslearningnetwork.org/event/29949/

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