A Head for the Future TBI Champion Military Spouse Jasmin Blair

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During retired Marine Corps Capt. Wally Blair’s deployment in Sept. 2007, his convoy hit a roadside bomb. Health care providers treated him for chemical burns and told him he had a concussion.

In the years that followed, he struggled with memory and speech functions, and at times he lost feeling in his arms. During a deployment in 2015, Blair was medically transported home to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. That’s when he was referred to the traumatic brain injury (TBI) clinic for the injury he sustained in 2007.

Before the referral, Blair’s wife, Jasmin, sensed that something needed to be addressed.
It was the combination of her insistence and his visit to the TBI clinic that convinced Blair to take time to learn more about TBI symptoms and recovery.

Jasmin played an instrumental role in Blair’s recovery. She stayed informed and applied lessons she learned from health care providers to help her husband cope with his symptoms.
She shares her story as a TBI champion for A Head for the Future, the TBI awareness and prevention initiative from the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center: http://dvbic.dcoe.mil

Visit http://dvbic.dcoe.mil/aheadforthefuture to learn more inspiring stories from those in the military community who experienced brain injuries and sought help. The website also features additional resources to prevent, recognize and recover from brain injury.

It’s important to know that each brain injury is different. Not everyone with TBI experiences the same signs and symptoms — this is why it’s always a good idea to get checked out by a medical provider.

Follow the initiative on Twitter @AHFTF_Page, and the A Head for the Future page on Facebook.

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Its really Hairy says:

Thanks for inspiring others. I suffer alone and it isn't easy. Your wife is awesome.

Suzanne Martin says:

Well done Capt Blair! Thank you for your service!

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