Accommodating Traumatic Brain Injury at Work

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Attorney Gordon Johnson, Jr. and Attorney Thomas Harding discuss accommodating traumatic brain injury at work. The question is asked, Is there anything possible that can be done to help a person with a brain injury obtain or maintain a job? Attorney Johnson truly believes in accommodations at work and in saving the still wonderful mind that is struggling to get through the deficits. An accommodation at work could mean a period of rest during the work day…longer, regular breaks. Working with the reliability issue is sometimes the most difficult. These are stress, increase in mistakes, and memory issues.
An understanding employer is a very important factoring in returning to employment after brain injury.
For the difference accommodations can make, see Gina’s Story
Gina’s boss would simply not let her be disabled. He helped Gina by making accommodations. He helped her get back to her job as a valuable employee. He gave her a chance to get back to who she was before her accident.

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Pierre Lamothe Jr. says:

Do you gentlemen believe it is possible my job have 7am-6pm M-F and Sat 9am-1pm shirt. A 48 Hour work week. I work for rental car company. And I was promoted to manager beforr my TBI (Stroke survivor).

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