Acquired Brain Injury. Britain's "hidden epidemic"

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Shocking stat….studies suggest more than half of prison inmates have had an acquired brain injury (an injury you get after birth, maybe through an accident or assault, stroke, cancer). It’s been called a global, “hidden epidemic”. But if you treat the injury properly, and early on, you can help prevent people from going off the rails and put lives back on track. This film highlights the work of the acquired brain injury unit (CCPNR) in Cambridge (it’s unique in the British National Health Service). The unit combines all the help an injured child needs, in one place. From language to learning and behaviour skills to medication advice…they then combine to come up with an action plan for the child’s recovery, and teach the parents and teachers how they can help. Beforehand it might have taken years to see all these specialists at different times. Thanks to Zack and his mum for agreeing to take part.

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