After the Injury: Acute Care and TBI

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Information on the medical care provided following a TBI; from the first moments in an emergency room to the collaboration between the family and medical team to create and individual treatment plan.

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William Hayes says:

I was In a motorcycle accident. I got involved in a hit and run. Was in a comma 3 months. Couldn't talk or take care of myself. Spent 4 years in nursing homes. Came home and drove my electric wheelchair to the court house and got my wright's back. Got a handicap apartment 2 years ago I been living alone and taking care of myself for over a year now. I still Have brain issues. Can't walk got a drawn up left hand. My foot is numb and partially my leg is numb. Got a numb left Hand.
The motorcycle was laying on me and I was in a comma on the spot

cm Cm says:

What if the person so brain damaged they refuse get cat scan or pet or spec scan? Suggests to get them cat scan?

Mackenzie Dog says:

I've got severe TBI on a failed colonial prison island given by one of the staff and the original priest doctor. I've had six years solitary on food powder and creek water with fraudulent diagnosis that won the health team accolades. Seeing medics smile about trauma insults me

Jean Stephens says:

තුවක්කුව මිල දී ගැනීමේදී එය ඉතා ලාභදායී බව ඔහුට පැවසුවා” හෝල්සා ළඟ සිටගෙන යල්සන් පැවසීය

kavita says:

My father has an has accident before I year and has brain operation he is parallise but now Dr is saying he can't walk sir plz suggest me any else treatment plz

Kevin Moore says:

What does brain surgery fall under? Closed brain injury, or open brain injury?

teresa grubb says:

what if u have crak in the skull and fluids goes out of skull and my brain dont have fluied and the fuied cames out of my eyes my hole head is in pain and preshers on my brain

MrAsus3571 says:

mari jane has been proven 100% effective in tbi

MrAsus3571 says:

I had a tbi back in the 90's by the end of my treatment it was over 400,000 dollars

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