Against all odds: celebrating four years of TBI recovery

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Weeks after surviving a car crash on Dec. 18, 2014, Sidney Doane arrived via air ambulance to Madonna’s Lincoln Campus. Her brain sustained severe trauma in the accident – a diffuse axonal injury or DAI. More than 90 percent of patients with a DAI never regain consciousness. But Sidney, of Downs, Kansas, was a fighter with incredible family support. She spent years in intense therapy rewiring her brain to walk, eat, speak, and resume college coursework. In 2016, Madonna honored Sidney for her courage and determination. Sidney never wavered on her goals as she continued to heal and hit milestone after milestone at Madonna using nearly every piece of specialized technology as she progressed through the continuum of care. An accomplished horsewoman, Sidney even returned to showing her Quarter Horse competitively. On Jan. 17, 2019, Sidney’s team surprised her with a Spirit Award celebration to mark her final day of therapy. Watch Sidney’s amazing transition to independence – four years in the making!

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Does her brain move withinh her skull when she make head movements??

David says:

So happy for her recovery. I too am a survivor of DAI. December 27th 2016 I flipped my four wheeler down a steep embankment. I was 22 years old at the time and am doing great today! I wish all of you going through a similar injury blessings!

shawty bouwer says:

So proud of you babygirl, one day my son will be exactly where you are today… Wish we could meet u guys… So uplifting

Carlisha B says:

Thank you for this

Sagar Garud says:

Sarita garud

Sagar Garud says:

mere pati ka bhi accident human hai.vo bhi coma mai hai.pls help me

Sagar Garud says:

hii kitne din vo coma mai thi

Karen Gleeson says:

Brilliant work

Katie Felton says:

I remember being in her exact same spot. I especially got choked up seeing her walking in the pool….Sarah the pool therapist is so amazing. I too won a goal award and think that Madonna is truly so amazing!

Lama Ibrahem says:

How many days was her coma ?

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