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After complaining of a severe headache during swim practice, 14-year-old Andee was brought to Children’s where she was diagnosed with an extremely rare acquired brain injury called Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). As typical with non-traumatic acquired brain injuries, the AVM went undetected until a ruptured caused sudden internal bleeding within the brain. A remarkable young woman, today Andee is in school and was recently honored at the Children’s Foundation’s Hope and Will Ball.

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joy abika says:

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Abel Rodriguez says:

Diosito es el mismo para todo el 🌍🌎🌏 que tal mi cnula espero que tu no te rindas nunca yo soy 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 mi ☀️

All U Can Watch says:

I had an avm rupture in 2011 as well I was 9

Christian Heredia says:

I have this, in my own personal opinion. I would’ve rather died tbh. Considering I know that feeling of unconsciousness. You almost don’t want to wake up. Especially if you know that you won’t be the same person really.

Mermaid_Unicornloved Gaming! says:

These are the people who have been to the CHOA Hospital besides me


Andy Campos says:

I myself suffered a cerebellar aneurysmal rupture. I don't remember the days where I was really struggling, and i thank god for that. I've recovered 95% and have gone on to earn 3 collegiate degrees. seeing this brought tears to my eyes. cases like hers are the reason I've studied to go work in rehab departments to help patients such as her and myself. May god bless her to continue her recovery. I'm now a member of Andee's army. From one Andy to another keep on fighting sweet girl. Don't ever give up.

Kirsty Williamson says:

Sweet young lady.
How is Andee doing today?

Your Method says:

What brave Person she is!
Thanks for this story!

After some Traumatas i was healing my Body , but the hard work was on the mind. I had Amnesia and had to learn even languages Again that i already knew.
Making YouTube Videos helps me to relearn languages i used to know and to help not only my patients but hopefully soon more people who re overweight as a physical therapist and a weight loss coach.

Hope this will inspire someone to start whatever they love doing!

Cheers from Germany

Helen Fox says:

Bless her, how is she now? x

Amaturez says:

for sure she had a NDE which probably lasted until she woke back up

Ninny says:


Jose Magana says:

My Dad had his AVM Ruptured on October 27 2018. Went into surgery and he's been in a coma since the surgery of the day of the rupture and though it's only been about a week since he's been in Coma. I feel like it's been years and waiting for some movement or him wake up feels like an eternity

What a gem says:

What a awesome young women!

AshnKksmom2 says:

A remarkable young lady I hope all her wishes come true

Lise Bedard says:

She is a major strong young lady.Good Luck.

Allison Grant says:

Eerily similar to my daughter's journey. Bless this beautiful girl!

Erin Averyt says:

You inspire me every day to live life to the fullest. Keep strong

All U Can Watch says:

I had the same thing she had

Micah Jones23 says:

Who would dislike this my brother had tbi and it's not a joke

Aybar 63 says:

She is such a beautiful child, I God bless & I hope that she will continue to get better😇🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Maegan Johnson says:

This makes me cry but so happy that she is okay now. I was THE FIRST child at Childrens in Atlanta to have an AVM. They kept my medical records. I am going to do all I can to find contact to Andee because I am wanting to meet her. never stop fighting beautiful! I know exactly how it is!

Makenzie Raine says:

All I want to do is find the people who disliked the video and punch them

Makenzie Raine says:

She's such a sweet girl all I want to do is give her a big hug and say she is amazing!

êîlěêň says:

What an adorable young lady!  Bravo!!

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