Are you sleep deprived? #shorts

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Sylve says:

i get 10 hrs of sleep everyday and im still sleep deprived. i feel so sleepy during the day too like wtf

The_Nochad says:

I only noticed the bus, and yes I am sleep deprived

ً says:

I've spelt for 14 hours and missed every change, it just do be like that

KenSiBaBan says:

I am too focus watching the subtitle

Edrick Ivan Solis Escobar says:

I slept 12 hours and feel like dog water.

Finn_in_the_Bin says:

Imagine an alarm clock being able to wake you 😂😅😢

Caitlin McAllister says:

I am nocturnal

Het says:

Yeah i could do that if i hadnt have a competetive exam for which you have to prepare a year ago

Chuba Moa says:

nailed it the second time so I guess I'm ok

Oie White says:

4 cups caffeine knock me out
just joking i don't sleep at all maybe every 3 days
sleep make your ass lazy and is for the wimp

A says:

I don’t wana hear that I need more sleep from a general surgery resident who works 100 hours a week

MaxF1v3 says:

I got 2 hours of sleep leave me alone

CellarDoorPoet says:

Yes, I should def sleep more. Let me just tell my baby real quick.

troll face says:

Me who spends 14 hours a day in bed and am still tired: :_)

Seco Orlov says:

My school doesn't think like that I guess

Maximus Storm says:

I've been sleep deprived for the past decade 🗿

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