Ask the Expert: Proving a Brain Injury in Court

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As a brain injury litigator, how do you prove or document the extent of someone’s brain injury in court?

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giang nguyen says:

the sound is not good I am quite disappointed

TruthBombsMcGoo says:

Thank you very much! I'm disabled not stupid, it takes longer to do things but I can do them. I Hate the studdering and severe depression. The migraines, the light sensitivity. I try to ignore these things but when it's almost the full list… I want to forget! But physically, mentally and emotionally I can't forget. I'm embarrassed, in pain, dizzy, confused… It's awful and I'm going on 4 years. I use TBI support groups but sometimes it's a very lonely painful journey. I'm fighting and want justice because my whole family suffered from my accident and that's horrible. Bless you and hope this helps morr people🙏🙌

TAMRA says:

the most excellent definition ever o be explained

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