Assessing NHS guidelines for head injury | Dr Carl Marincowitz

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There are over 1.4 million attendances to emergency departments in the UK following head trauma every year and around 1 in 100 patients having life-threatening injuries. Dr Marincowitz’s research uses statistical analysis to assess the effectiveness of guidelines for the management of head injury in NHS emergency departments.

In England and Scotland, a series of national guidelines have tried to improve outcomes for patients with brain injuries caused by trauma, mostly through improved diagnosis through increased use of CT scans. Later guidelines also recommended that patients with severe injuries are managed in specialist centres. These guidelines were also meant to reduce NHS costs by reducing hospital admissions.

Dr Marincowitz uses a statistical method called interrupted time series analysis and complete national NHS datasets to assess whether the introduction of these guidelines was associated with a reduction in deaths from traumatic brain injuries and reduced hospital admissions. This allows us to understand whether current recommendations for care are clinically and cost-effective. It also identifies where future research and service provision should be concentrated to improve care further.

Dr Carl Marincowitz is an NIHR Doctoral Fellow at Hull York Medical School.

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jjhyge says:

nhs what a fucking joke hit my head still have concussion 2 weeks later can't see anyone due to ''covid''

Bobsyouruncle 1234 says:

These guidelines do not help. CT scans can in fact be inconclusive especially when dealing with historic instances.

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