At Home Concussion Rehab – Vestibular & Visual Rehabilitation

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At home concussion rehab techniques for vestibular and visual rehabilitation.

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Bilstein says:

The exercises throughout the day sounds like a constant recalibration of your damaged senses… would that be correct?

Jacky Hijstek says:

I’m going to implement this to my day. I’ve been struggling to get rid of my motion sickness en seeing unclear for months now. So frustrating

I'm Tash says:

2:50 hahaha have you been watching me? (but me minus the exercises – just forgetting to be super careful) 2 months ago a heavy metal jug fell 3 feet onto my head. Had a huge lump that went down after 3 hours with an ice pack. A week later I was still feeling rough and went to the doc who just stuck her thumbs in my eye sockets, told me to follow her finger (looking left almost made me fall over), flicked through my hair and said 'you don't have a lump you're fine' Fine? never mind me standing here holding onto the walls love, no i'm just doing this because I like the paint. A month later I was still so dizzy i couldn't do anything and called back and got prescribed a travel sickness pill. Which to be fair does help get me on my feet but i don't want to be on pills for god knows how long. Nobody looked at my neck or into my eyes. Nothing. Nobody told me anything about what to do or how to get myself better, to do exercises, to be up and about or that aggravating the symptoms isn't actually bad or dangerous and to not be afraid of dizziness and moving. I'm going to be looking like the exorcist girl from now on – determined to beat this! 2 months of this nonsense is more than enough for me and I want my life back. It's depressing that I have to find this information out through self-research and a youtube video made by someone the other side of the world and my own health care providers told me absolutely nothing. I'm on my third doctor now who just sent me off for a head scan and blood test last week and didn't even see me in person. For anyone else dealing with a long term concussion 1) be persistent 2) do your own research Going to start incorporating this today. Here's hoping!

Pavilion HD says:

Hello i know you cant consult me online, but i need help, i was playing with my puppy spinning in circles (did a spin then stop type of sequence only spun maybe 3-4 times) i noticed about 15 mind later i was still feeling super dizzy and noticed the room spinning, i then started throwing up and sweating and went to the ER, i self diagnosed myself with bppv and told them i think its what i may have, and they just went along with it but i also have a slight ringing in my left ear, we kinda ruled out mineres as i passed my hearing test, upon doing more research i see these symptoms align with a concussion, i dont really see spinning as so much but i feel drunk and see more like the room starts to spin but then itll reset itself, just wondering if you’ve encountered these symptoms in concussions before

philippe gingras says:

This really resonated with me. Are you familiar with the vestibular condition called PPPD? it has been compared to concussion syndrome by the ENT I see.

Mariel Kraus says:

This is so affirming of my habilitation exercise program for patients! this has worked well for my practice and my patients thank me for giving them tools to help them manage their symptoms between sessions so they are not in a crisis situation needing to be seen every time they have an exacerbation. Thank you, Dr. Marshall!

Chad Hart says:

This is great advice! My wife and I were just talking about how it doesn’t really work for her to do a full set of exercises three times each day.

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