Barry's Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor Recovery Story [My Friends Stayed Away]

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Barry’s traumatic brain injury story. Learn about Barry’s challenges on the journey of rebuilding his life, after a “mild” traumatic brain injury when another driver hit his car head-on. See how he relied on gratitude, appreciation, family and social support, and his dog Tuxedo. Barry discusses the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral symptoms resulting from his TBI, changes from previous level of functioning, finding the right medical treatment including medication management, and how he thinks about the future.

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holistic79 says:

This was very helpful. Appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Delaney Andersson says:

I am about a year and a half out of my car accident which resulted in a TBI. Your symptoms were so very similar to my experience- thank you for sharing! I had a concussion first and was sent home, and then swelling began and there started my journey with a TBI (aphasia/ataxia/spasticity/dystonia). Your story is the closest to mine that I have heard (in family/friends, driving, Symptoms, etc…)! Thank again for sharing! Very encouraging!

Dan Gardner says:

Gratitude, ,appreciation, emotional and social support, and hopefulness are key ingredients in this journey of recovery from traumatic brain injury. What has helped in your journey?

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