Behavior and Personality Changes After a TBI

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Why is my loved one’s behavior and personality suddenly different?

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angel x says:

when you were in a romantic relationship with someone and this happens… πŸ’”
absolutely shattering- i don't feel as i am talking to the one that i met and love. and i can't get close because i'm shut out now and forever.

Fitness344 says:

Severe brain injury patient checking in lol…

Keirin Boyes says:

I actually became a more outgoing friendly person after my tbi. Before that I was extremely shy didn't know how to or could talk to anyone other then my family. I wonder if I'd be that person still if I hadn't had my tbi. I dodnt realize though until the kids in my school said I was alot cooler since my head injury lol

cm Cm says:

Yes, perfectly said, a parent grieves for sure. Nothing the same, e everything changes in an instant .

Faisal Bi says:

Hi I can't feel myself it's mean my personality gone changed? I can't feel myself how I was before.

m gray says:

I have had repeated TBI's after my first time. I developed epilepsy over the years my last one was falling on a concrete pole around a gas pump. I was out of it for a month I was told. Afterwards really nothing changed, per say. I was already suffering from a host of mental problems so it seemed no different. Now 12 years later my mental functioning and cognitive skills are really getting worse. I have repeatedly told those around me but they seem to believe/say I've been like this for many years now. But I myself feel it's getting to the point that I know better. I'm trying to muster up the courage to find help by myself the best I can. God bless all. Take care

Ugochi Jenny says:

I don’t believe in this, because nothing is impossible for God to do, I’m leaving testimony, call on him,πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Teresa Murphy says:

My husband has a sever TBI , feel like lm married to another person, l get sad at times and miss my old husband .. The husband now is very compassionate and more humble , he does get aggravated easily though . My faith in God is where l get my strength πŸ™β€οΈ

Faisal Bi says:

Hi emotions feelings numb it's mean personality change ? Please reply me I can't feel emotions feelings I can't feel myself emotionally.

Alphawtel says:

Well seems like nothing is absolute, your looks can change and your personality can also change. Seems like I understood the reality. A great man who's brain got replaced with a narcissists mind will become a narcissist.

Billy Gnosis says:

most of these videos don't tell the real story, this one does. With that said, as someone with a serious TBI I can tell you that, yes, you are altered forever BUT you must own it and take control of it….no one else will. It took a long time for me to accept that and I still struggle with those issues….BUT I own it and I am the only person who can change.

Adriana MacLennan says:

Hell yea. Husband had three strokes five years ago and I’m still crying. Absolutely 100 πŸ’― percent bang on. And people look at me like I’m a witch if I voice my struggles

Ganymede Elegy says:

The consequences of TBI is one hell of a thing. I've been diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder and on top of that, I have suffered from 2 TBIs. I think the only reason why I actually decided to seek help is because in later years as I somehow got married and had a child, I could visibly see my wife suffering from my illness, and she started getting very cold with me. If it wasn't for my family, I probably still would be out there, hurting others and having absolutely no remorse about it all.

shamy desfines says:

I think she's attractive

Nina Nickel says:

We feel just as lost. I love the girl I was before. I want her back because she was so calm!!!! I literally love her!!!!

barebones138 says:

I had a severe TBI. My emotions did change. My empathy for other people went up.

Sharla Seidel says:

Thanks for this helpful video that outlines the struggles that families can face when a loved one has a TBI. Additional family caregiver tips can be found in this article:

lgb says:

The victim feels they have lost themselves

Bren B says:

She is SPOT ON!!! Wow, finally! Somebody gets it!!!

Giuseppe fisher says:

I dont know what happened, i didnt have a brain injury or anything traumatic. But i’m changing a shit ton. I changed my appearance completely, i act and talk different, am no longer happy with my name, am a fuck ton angrier and alot stronger and i have a drive to change into someone else. I’m slowly losing all my memories and shit and i dont know why. I stopped caring about pain, i tear my knee open after a fall and i walk it off without really caring. I’m starting to stop feeling any type of guilt or love. I lost a ton of weight, changed my hair, and literally every other aspect of my body and i started smoking weed out of nowhere after this change. Im slowly becoming someone else. Its fucking scary and my personality, is slowly fading away and im scared as fuck

Edit: i was diagnosed with tourettes syndrome that really came full force from no where about a month before any of this started, no idea if it’s related but its a possibility

Much Dutch says:

I've lost the spicy side of my personality and no longer emotional. My logic and order of processes has declined a lot. Now im calm and I can't understand when people talk at a normal speed which is fast. I also have poor word recall and become more ambidextrous. Everyday is new as I always find out my new way of life.

βš‘οΈπ•ƒπ•Œβ„‚π•€π”» π•ƒπ•€π•†β„•π”Όπ•Šπ•Šβš‘οΈ says:

Going through this right now with my 6 year it really does feel like I’ve lost my son πŸ™ he was never like this he was the perfect child now he has bad behavior all the time and doesn’t listen and screams I’m having a hard time understanding this because he had a brain abscess and they said there was no brain damage so if there was no damage why the change ? Can anyone explain

Bob Taylor says:

Much depends on whether relatives are sufficiently informed and educated about TBI by the professionals. But more is required. If a family's hearts are hardened against learning the truth about their member's injury, however real and devastating the injury may be, then the poor patient is in for a truly terrible time. I write from experience. My life has been made livable only by the acceptance, kindness, and help of my church.

Dee Art says:

She's totally wrong…..families are lazy & selfish. zero help is given & nobody wants to do their share of babysitting !!Β  This woman has ADHD !!!

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