Behavior in Frontal Lobe Injury

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After an injury to the frontal lobe of the brain, a person can struggle with being impulsive and unmotivated and can have difficulty with planning and organizing. Dr. Judy Gooch, a rehabilitation doctor discusses behavioral difficulties in frontal lobe injuries and shows that rehabilitation can help people improve.

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Evan Williamson says:

Diagnosis of frontal injuries isn’t always easy is it?

B Rabbit says:

I hope that anyone thats going through something similar to me has success and happiness in there life. Dont give up.

Lauri Aktahi says:

I have frontal tbi since 73, no one paid attention, no treatment. Life has been hell.

Nickson Jones says:

Bite of 83 also led me here

It's Denise At My Luxury First says:

I need to find someone in Southern California for my son. Our doctors have been very unhelpful unfortunately.

CohenGamerTV says:

Finally wer know what happened to the bite of 87 victim

Ninja 4Life aka big dad Long the new makavelli. says:

Am struggling with my TBI

Dayne Britten says:

This is helpful. I had I had ruptured right frontal lobe aneurysm and a tia in the same place this is very relatable. Everything you say is spot on and how i feel. Sadly I didn't get any rehabilitation after my injury but I did get some and always learning about myself.

Kassim Khan Khan says:

The Best thing about living without a full frontal lobe is the ability to empower yourself not to GAF about what people say. I now have very few friends and I kinda like it

N says:

I am addicted to watching porn and masturbation since about 8-9 years and now i have been researching about this and have found out that watching excessive and extreme porn over longer period causes frontal lobe disinhibition. My behavioural changes like irritability, rage, overtalkativeness, narcissistic personality, heightened risk taking ability, excessive guilt and shame towards people have made me socially isolated, depressed, guilty, and unmotivated. I fear if i keep watching it may destroy my remaining life (yes i do feel suicidal and lonely). Hope anyone reading this learn from my mistake

Silky says:

I never got one professional to help. They are useless.

Cindy Landry says:

My husband has an old stroke- now frontal lobe encephalomalacia and he has 3 completely blocked arteries in the neck. He is so apathetic toward me, very unappreciative, disinhibited also. He cannot identify with my emotions at all. We don’t have conversations. I see him getting worse. The doctors did not warn me of these symptoms. I see in his reports about the frontal lobe ‘old stroke.’ She described my husband well and he is hard to live with.
I’ve have not had a date since last July, I don’t know when he got me a flower last, and he is getting more edgy. This has been several
Years now and I do feel I respected and unappreciated. My mom is going down as is my sister. Life is difficult. We have an appt with neurologist very soon. Reading his Cat scan and mri reports were enlightening. I have to know if this is further aggressive.
I tried to tell his sisters, but don’t think they got it or see a problem. I have a huge lack of support for having to care for many around me. I don’t want pity, but understanding and emotional support like many of you all say. I just thought I would share a wife’s point of view. God bless you all.

Toby deez nuts in yo mouth says:

blueycapsules fans rn:☹️

Hobo Stovepipe says:

I must work extra in every action.

Keith Hamilton says:

Ok so I have a tumor in front lobe pls tell me I can have this removed I've been miserable for 2 years dizziness, can't communicate right I'm forgetting stuff just miserable muscle tightness numb face…

Julia Stanley says:

I have calcification on my left frontal lobe and was called lazy my entire life, this really helped me understand it more

Debabrata Samanta says:

Sustained left fronto temporal injury 30 yrs back.Lost perception,speech slurred, disoriented ,apathetic, lost sense of place, time,just went in my shell,crying& cursing why me.But being A Medical student, just crossed my mind of lobar dominance.I tried to do everything from right side of brain, slowly perception, vision ,speech improved. Now leading a normal life,treating patients.
Medical private practitioner.

Ballistic says:

my brother hit me on top of my head, not sure if its my frontal lobe or not, but i feel dizzy and have a crazy headache when i stand up and/or move my head, please answer me it would help me alot!



first name last name says:

i got my injury after falling 22 feet at work had two hospitals fail to even look for head injury instead it was chronic pain they told me and i was sent to lifetree pain clinic and given lots of mental health and opiod pills never was treated or checked for head injury and lost my job my relationship and quality of life and o recieved no money been homeless and broke and everyone thinks im just lazy my life was ruined in salt lake city and i lost everything nobody was held accountable for ruining my life i got no treatment nothing it was in 2004 i been homeless ever since but before i fell i had a life a good job now i got hurt lost everything and dont know what to do

Philip_ur_mums_guts says:

cant wait to forget this

David says:

Is that the bite of 87

Karlee Ayers says:

My ex husband and I were on a path of reconciliation in June of 2018. He was a union laborer and was working on a job building a high school. A carpenter fell 16 foot along with a piece of the form (wall) on top of my husband. He took the hit of being hit by the guy and then he also hit the ground so hard that his hard hat flu across the ground. On top of sustaining serious injuries to his hip but I'm back I believe that there is serious brain injuries as well from the hit taken. He has presented with signs of irritation along with memory loss and narcissistic traits that have never presented before. I have no idea how to help him or how to get a doctor to listen because of Detroit's he is now presenting with. The dishonesty and maybe that has something to do with denial, however have no idea how to get him help because he doesn't see the problem as I do as well as being surrounded by people who her and denial possibly or just a bunch of Yes Men. I know that he is suffering and I don't know how to help. See you in this video is validating in the fact that I know something happened with his brain and that he is not alone and I'm not alone either. That in itself, is half of that all I feel

AKHIL says:

At age 25 , can frontal lobe injury decrease intelligence Level and i.Q Level ?

Haisoj Nokcaj says:

i did too much dope

˗ˏˋ Jaisy ´ˎ˗ says:

I have a major head injury when I was a kid and it damages my frontal lobe

Mohammed UAE says:

and quran talked abt it the frontale lobe 1400 years and people say that quran is the not the right book and muslims are not following the right messenger and now worshiping the right god allah mentioned this in quran specially the fronale lob and mentioned what this lady saying but in an another way tell me what do u think after knowing this and when the judment day comes and allah will ask u why didnt u believe in me u wont have an excuse coz now u knw that quran have alot of scientific facts but u guys are blind islam is the peaceful religion dont judge our religion if some organizations did something wrong i hope this goes to ur heart and make u read abt quran and i hope i find the right path 💙

Non Dual Brahmin says:

Unfortunately it’s too late for someone such as a close family member to take an alternate approach. This is a great video and will expand the minds of many who are unaware of this simple yet life altering affliction. Much gratitude for this work and it’s providers 🙏

julius vaigauskas says:

I'm 35, had astrocytoma removed 3 years ago after severe seizure. Must say that I really struggle with motivation and relationships since I was 16, damn these things are hard…

Jamil Harris says:

All of this chemical induced marijuana is causing this damage to todays youth.

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