Best brace for a spastic hand

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Stroke Buddies / RalphPrestonVideo says:

The recent videos, including this one are a disappointment when compared to all your earlier work. Why all the jump cuts? It's a really short video.

James Brashear says:

Good question, i will say yes but i don't know what straight one to use. Will you recommend one. All your previous recomendations have been spot on. Thank you

janet ziegler says:

Can you recommend any specific braces that will keep my thumb out straight when I sleep? Thanks. I always learn so much from you and recommend your links to many others.

Darren Wheatcroft says:

anybody got any links to buy a good night splint to keep my fingers straight

nypedestrian says:

I started using a rotator cuff pillow in bed and it helps with the following: supports the arm, Stops it from curling up towards the torso and the fingers open because the wrist is slightly bent but supported.

Natalie says:

I was working on my arm for a week now with a resistance band but my hand keeps squeezing on its own and i feel like im overworking my hand without meaning to. What can I do?

Kicknowledge Smith says:

I find both to be a problem, but it's harder to sleep with a straight hand in my experience. Also the arm flexes at the elbow with both also making it harder to sleep because the flex causes the arm to press down on my chest, causing discomfort.

Darko Darkovic says:

My experience is after the shoulder and the elbow starts to make her wrists and fingers. The spasm slowly discounts, it is long lasting, but persistence gives the result. The thumb will open the right angle with respect to the fingers. Don't give up.

Glen West says:

Very helpful information.

Ntando Madidaprime says:

‚̧thank you so much

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