Best exercises for foot drop (drop foot)

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Foot drop is weakness in the ankle muscles that lift the foot and is a symptom of medical conditions including ALS, MS, traumatic brain injury, idiopathic polyneuropathy, CMT, nerve compression injury. It can also occur after a total hip replacement. In this video you will learn the best exercises to strengthen weak ankle muscles



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Rick Shaw says:

thanks for the info. I'm working on this.

Toby Wilson says:

Great advice and your doggie loves it also.

Naomi Tenpenny says:

I can not left my foot up , also my big toe is numb touching my cafe hurts . After my hip / pelvic surgery I was told I had a drop foot . What can I do to improve my foot

youlu gracias says:

Please can yuo to talk about the hiperextebsion of knee after a stroke. Salulate from Ecuador.

Matthew Cox says:

thank you for this. I shall certainly add them into my routine and work my way up the difficulty level 🙂 . I got drop foot through a nerve being pinch in my S1-L5 and hopefully over time my muscle can get stronger!

Sarath S says:

Ma'am I had an accident a few years back. My left side was paralysed and currently I'm having trouble controlling my feet. When I'm not tensed or not under strain, it can be controlled to an extend. But when I'm nervous or in a crowd I can't control it. When I try to do so it becomes even more difficult. What should I do ma'am?? @Rehab HQ

Jamie Young says:

I have MS and terrible drop foot. I use a walker everywhere I go. I wear shoes with a one inch heel, mostly booties since my ankle is weak. I’ve had Ms since 1997. I’d like to wear tennis shoes, but they “stick” on the ground. I saw something about using duct tape. Can you tell me more? I love your videos

Jamie Young says:

You said something about duct tape on shoe so it doesn’t drag. I can’t find that video. Where do I find it?

Reynaldo Crisostomo says:


Reynaldo Crisostomo says:


Nitin Yadav says:

Thanks for sharing

Beautiful Angel says:

Awww the dog. So cute. Thank you for the video.

Amiru says:

I just wondering , I can’t lift my feet up but i can lift toes . So , should i still proceed the treatment/exercise you recommend or should i try other kind of treatment?

Ashley Hansford says:

I have gbs and foot drop its miserabla

kevin niang says:

Hi, can this happen out of the blue? I am a jogger and I got foot drop a few days ago. It seems the common denominator is a stroke/ ms, I have no other problems in my body apart from this sudden foot drop thing, my foot is kind of tingley to touch but it's not completely numb and I can move it up a little. Everything online suggests surgery but is there a way that this heals on it's own? I'm able to walk somewhat normal although my foot moves outward in when stepping (my toes don't drag and I can move them).

Pete Schreiber says:

what do I do if I have 0/5 movement up and to the side to side? Thanks.

Lynn Belcher says:

IU R sooooo amazing Dr

chandupalaprthi chandupalaprthi says:

How long it takes recovery pls tell me

Kristen Buchanan says:

You are a rockstar. So hard to find a neuro therapist. Gave up trying ( after seeing 3 therapists that did more harm) . With ms, we have similar issues as those that had a stroke. You are a godsend to so many. Thank you!

Joyce Maddox says:

Can a person go from having foot drop to having spasticity from stroke can this happen maybe winter to summer it more prevalent why it is possible or not. Thank you

Larry Oexner says:

Love your dog… he’s mimicking you & working out

şehnaz sozcuer says:

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Kanchan Mohan says:

My son is suffering from sspe from last one year… At first his body was very spastic… But with physiotherapy all hands and arms spasticity has gone but now his foot drop and neck holding is a problem for me…. Please tell me some exercises for neck holding…

Z. J. says:

I need to do exercises using
a wedger
What company do you recomend

chowdary lyrics says:

Hello medam I have cerebral palsy unstable movement in walking please suggest a experience medam

RaptorsFanGirl says:

I can do active dorsi flexion while in sitting completely fine (like the second exercise)..i can't do ANY standing exercises – like my affected foot doesn't even lift off the ankle dorsi flexion at all in standing..why is that? I'm confused. How do i address this issue? Where is the weakness/tightness in standing coming from, as opposed to sitting?

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