Best Treatment for Post Stroke Spasticity

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@gauravkukade27 says:

I am having twitching in fingers of hand. Is it spasticity? I had a stroke 3 months ago.

@kratomkingdomallyouwannakn8188 says:


@frannymoore says:

This is the best video ever!

It’s amazing how little spasticity is talked about by brain medical specialists ! You can be strong even with spasticity! I am, Professionals just say weakness.

@ve4mm says:

Cryoneurolysis. Paul Winston travels the world training MD's in this. He was in Winnipeg a month ago and was at the HSC. He did the nitrous oxide injections on my hamstrings with 8 young MD's present. Took 1 hour. Hamstrings not tight as guitar strings now. Made a huge difference. He does this for patients that cannot un-clench their fist and it works. As well as frozen shoulder.

@dogrescuer1321 says:

I enjoy your videos. A question, why does walking barefoot make my ataxia worse? Please

@chechequiando4914 says:

Hi Dr Tara! I have my pedal bike exercise which I am using for my arms and leg exercise how many minutes or hours should I hve to spend of?thank you so much more power to tour vlog🙏🙏🙏

@ZoyZhang says:

hihi ~We are currently planning a collaborative project on hand function rehabilitation. I would like to know if you are interested in this project?

@frannymoore says:

Perfect timing again!
After 28 years a new tumor has arrived and increasing my arm and wrist spasticity right now. Waiting for scheduling for removal surgery. Praying everything goes smoothly but am preparing for whatever God allows.
I’m soooo thankful for your videos to prepare me to start over with physical therapy after surgery!
I feel sorry for the PT I get I’m very knowledgeable now!!!!

Faith over Fear!!!

@darkodarkovic7827 says:

After stretching the most difficult exercise, I work in the morning with a relaxing melody in the background. The effects of stress make my movements significantly more difficult. Going up and down the stairs is noticeably easier for me if I have headphones with a soft tune and I get much less tired. Have a nice week.

@sumanngon says:

Would like to have your opinion on bare foot walking. Came across a topic on bare foot walking for stroke patients.

@kathrynK303 says:

This is absolutely amazing information! Thank you so much for sharing this Ms. Tobias!

@megpatricia3161 says:

Only 2 things increase my hand spasticity and they weren’t mentioned: when I yawn and cold temperatures. If my hand clenches, a dip in warm water instantly opens it up. When I yawn, I keep my affected hand open with the opposite hand.

@MZacharyTX says:

Gold membership = Best $$ spent ever

@katpic9470 says:

Great tips..

@glenwest1911 says:

Hello Dr. Tobias.

@muratatlantis8472 says:

İ can easily wrist hands but cant open fingers even one milimmeter

@rowharv4612 says:

Will my spasicityever go away

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