Boxer Dies after Punching 'invisible opponent'

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A south African boxer dies after suffering a brain injury in the ring. Simiso Buthelezi was disoriented after scoring a knock down of his opponent. Buthelezi stubbled across the ring and being throwing punches at an invisible opponent. The video was trending as “boxer punches invisible opponent” on Twitter without realizing how serious his condition was. The Simiso Buthelezi video should be a reminder to all of how serious this sport is.

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@jayangli says:

What happened?

@goodwillhunt6613 says:

They drugged him

@natsusatsujinki8342 says:

Dude saw the reaper coming and was fighting for his life. 😢

@ReformedCriminalD says:

exactly why I learned to box for 20 years only as part of my JKD training and learned from contenders
But why stop at boxing which doesn't allow Rabbit punches or back fist?
Filipino Dirty Boxing , Slavic Boxing , Wing Chun, Shaolin and Wudang have lots of boxing techniques not allowed in boxing
Boxers are limited
even kickboxers are too
no kicking in the balls

@jayjohnson3305 says:

People saying respect to the opponent for not hitting him yeah but he also celebrated the win after just getting knocked down.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

@gorgi__ says:

scary stuff

@handsomeblackman255 says:

That's scary.

@Tharealisaiahmoore says:

Bro gone celebrate afterwards, knowing he would’ve lost that fight

@constantine2731 says:

Some craft at work

@GFoB says:

Respect to the boxer for not attacking and respect to the referee for intervening the way he did and when he did. RIP to the fallen warrior.

@latinadavis3691 says:

Stuff like this shows us all why there are more of us women in the world. Yes there are women fighters and some women do stupid things, but most of us just want to be feminine, pretty, and think smart.

@monicaleonard501 says:

The true loser was over there celebrating while the winner was dying

@malcolmdeboo3794 says:

Apparently he’s still throwing punches to this day

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