Brain Breaks after Brain Injury

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After any kind of injury to the brain, we can get easily overwhelmed. Taking regular breaks can prevent getting overwhelmed, help our brains work better and lead to more peace of mind.

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Gonzalo Dominguez says:

Thank you.. symtoms very related to carbon monoxide intox 3 Months ago.. every time i do a little to much it inmediately fires the symtoms and its correlated anxiety..

Karla Q says:

Thank you for this video. I am a survivor of non-traumatic brain injury and my Doctor warned of a neuro fatigue. I was grateful for the information because I know many others never learn about this and it's so important.

Ss says:

Will frontal lobe atrophy cure ? Pls reply .

James M says:

Could brain injury come from psychological damage (abuse, nervous breakdown, CPTSD etc) ?

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