Brain Injury from Emotional Trauma

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Dr. Discusses Brain Injury from Emotional Trauma.

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Christina says:

I have cptsd from childhood and I started having bacterial overgrowth and inflammation symptoms right after a very triggering and stressful event. Still recovering, but it’s amazing to learn how much emotions impact the body. Thank you for this insightful video!

Angir Gie says:

I thought this was a good doctor till he said vaccines dont cause harm. Shame on him

Cat Middleton says:

Gods blessings!!

Mark Anthoni says:

Здравствуйте. Скажите пожалуйста что за стимулятор блуждающего нерва?

The Dotty Room says:

Thank you so much for this video – it's very validating.

Deb Young says:

Wow this is me. I had broken heart syndrome 2 years ago at age 53. But have no reason why

Shumaila Khan says:

Hi dr nemechek what Pakistani's do to get your recommended brand names products

Phelanisse Relaford says:

I now feel like I'm constantly on the outside looking in. Struggle constantly to do everyday normal things. Depressed, lots of anxiety, and unable to handle any amount of stress.

Phelanisse Relaford says:

Dr. N, I suffered an emotional trauma, at the very moment that this took place I not only felt but heard a snap like the snap of a twig in my head I was unable to move. I was alert but very much aware that I should not stand up. I sit there for a while trying to bring my vision into Focus. What could have happened?

Raissa Digby says:

Could a child's trauma be caused by a mother leaving a baby cry to go to sleep?

Truth Seeker says:

Thanks Doc I think your awesome, wish I could get my son in to see you sooner then 6 mths, I can not wait that long he has suffered long enough. I ordered your book & looking into Quantum Neurology that combines acupuncture & light therapy.

Cheryl Spotted Bear says:

what about drug use my grandsons Mother was a meth users.

The Organic Girl says:

How can we diagnose brain injury?

quiltgirl 7777 says:

Thank you Dr N
This was very informative. Would you say chronic illness that has taken your life away as you knew it is a brain injury? No longer can i work or play and i live in survival mode just trying to get through the day which cause depression, anxiety , anger, sadness.

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