Brain Injury – My New Life

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Meet George Cairney, he had promising future, but one decision meant he lost it all. Watch Part 2 of this story.

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Britni Cassell says:

It is not childish to joke it can also be his way coping with his new circumstances or brain injury. I can completely unstand I live with a (TBI) severe traumatic brain injury also from car accident.

Dora Eats says:

Knock knock

Whos there

I'p (ayp)

I'phoo (i poo)

You poo dont tell me that

😂😂😂😂 good one!

Sonia Sohi says:

Joking is not childish.

Green Envy says:

He doesn't seem childlike to me. The dude seems pretty damn normal and they're making him out to be a 7 year old.

sharpgirl57 says:

Wow, he's got a great attitude! I hope he gets even better! 🙂

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