Brain Injury Rehab for Short Term Memory Loss, Focus, Concentration, and Insomnia – Blake's Story

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Blake Watson joined the Marine Corps in 2009. While conducting a dismounted foot patrol overseas in 2010, he knelt down on top of an IED while waiting to gain entry into the building.

This caused him to loose his left leg above the knee, completely loose his left elbow and require skin grafts from his right leg and have to have his left arm fused.

After several years of therapy around the world and even after physical improvement, he still suffered from severe short term memory issues, difficulty with focus and concentration, and sleep problems.

Watch how Cerebrum’s innovative neuro rehabilitation program addressed the lingering symptoms from Blake’s traumatic brain injury and allow him to regain focus and concentration, improve his short term memory and overcome his sleep challenges in a very short amount of time.

If you or someone you know is struggling with similar issues, visit and fill out a request for a free consultation with one of our Patient Advocates. Or call us toll free at (855) 444-2724. We are here to help!


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