Can Someone Fully Recover From Traumatic Brain Injury?

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Can you recover from a traumatic brain injury? How do you feel after a traumatic brain injury? Don’t lose hope, watch this video and get the answers straight from Greg Nordfelt who has gone through TBI himself.

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

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Miss Esqueda says:

Can you recover?

Donna Sims says:

this sounds EXACTLY like what im going throughr ight now! the new tyler is way cooler then new tyler lol and yes i am a survivor but i like to call myself a traumatiic brain injury warrior! please reach back to me

Sanna Larsson says:

I had a brain bleeding when I was 9 I lost a part of my vision, I’m still paralyzed in my left foot, cognitive problems fatigue and headaches migraines and I had this problems almost all of my life, my fatigue is getting worse as I’m getting older. I’m 36 now

Ivan Gutierrez says:

I had a TBI in 2012 and was in a coma for ~6 months. I had to learn how to do everything all over again. Eat, speak, swallow. I was left with severe spasticity and although not paralyzed. My life completely changed and forced me to mature and humble immediately. I was 22 . Blessedly, I will be able to walk again. I have had years of all the PT, OT, Speech.

Aaron Garcia says:

After 4 years, I don't believe there is going to be any further improvements.

CountryGirl says:

That's inspiring. I have had a handful of issues with brain injuries with the most recent 6 weeks ago. I fought hard to return home for my children and spouse.

Sho Nuff says:

I don't want hope I want a solution

Billy Gnosis says:

Don't buy this clowns BS… never FULLY recover…..end of story

Kyle Warne says:

I had a TBI and a stroke how does that go for 100% recovery

Monish Kumar says:

Recover how many yers ?

Todd Sutton says:

Been 52 years, the answer is NO.

u.d23 says:

Yes. I am slowly but surely recovering 👍🏻🦶👐

Manpreet Kaur says:

My frnd met with an accident last week and he is not coming conscious doctors said that he had a brain injury…can anyone tell that how many days are needed to get concious?

Token Sniffer says:

I also suffered tbi after I fell from my uncle home at the 2nd floor of it. Now I'm 24 yrs old taking civil engineering student but I cant deny the other cognitive impairment like: constructing english grammar, speaking it fluently, and sometimes I forgot to remember some math formulas. Also the tbi that I have suffered caused a blindness and deafness in my right eye and right ear. Now Im feeling down but my parents always push me to get motivated and they always say pray to god always. I'm thankful that I am 4th year in engineering. I hope I'll graduate and get a decent job despite of bad experience.

Rob Cole says:

I have had three TBIs as well. It's not funny, nothing to laugh at.

America Silva says:

My husband had a car accident in January of 2021 and he's been in a different facility since then now he's in a nursing home=( insurance dint want to pay for his rehab anymore😢 he's in a nursing home facility and it's heartbreaking to see the way he acts towards me sometimes to be screaming and he tells me that I don't love him 😥 it breaks my heart I really do not know what to do if anybody can help me I really appreciate wish I could help him

Aloka Roy says:

sir my mother had head injury … and now she did not opened her eyes and does not talk with us some times she opened eyes slowly slowly , after 60days of neuro hospital finally she is our home but till now she did not open her eyes and did not speak anything… and now only she eat with her mouth … her head left and right sides are injuried . she get down from my father bike in sense less situation ,
please suggest some how
we recover her fast.🙏 and this account is my mother

Josh Spidel says:

Nearly 20 years ago, I had a 70mph motorcycle crash/tbi/coma, It's inspiring stories like yours that help so many. Thank you! Life is complicated & many times people don't know what (if anything at all) can improve until improvement just… Happens in someone else's life.

After it becomes apparent that the situation/s didn't just randomly contribute to a marginally improved outcome the questions then become, who was involved and what did these people do? "Hope is Endless"

No offense is intended but we don't know how good it can be, with all their superhuman tools, doctors (especially neuroscientists) don't know how good it can be

Justin Putman says:

My step mom is in the ICU right now with a TBI and brain bleed, she is almost 80. They are saying they don’t think she will make it, she doesn’t recognize anyone and just mumbles nonsense and now is unresponsive. I’m scared. God please pull her through like you have this man 🙏

Babs Skett says:

Hope is found in Jesus.

Jessica says:

I just have a 1 question, i fall on the ground and hit my back head and hurt my neck as well. Do the head and the neck will recover?

Billy Gnosis says:

Dangerous video… someone who suffered a severe TBI I know I will never fully recover and I am working hard to accept that fact. However when I see these videos and there a few of them, I feel like we are talking like its "street creed" on your brain injury. Which can be dangerous, while I see it as a way to help people, I think it can also be misleading. My TBI occurred in 2013….so over 8 years ago and I am still in recovery….albeit at a much slower rate. I love seeing people make it back to their former way of life but we know thats the exception. All positive vibes…but be more truthful.

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