Can you die if you fall asleep after a concussion? | Norton Sports Health

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Tad Seifert, M.D., answers the question, “Can you die if you fall asleep after a concussion?”

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@jetthegamer3069 says:

I feel the herb smoke on my brain and I have a brain injury now

@Michael-st9ky says:

My great aunt hit her head and went into a coma after she went to sleep just this week. came across this video to find answers but instead some fool saying she would have been okay to sleep.

@AlejandroLopez-rs6qt says:

I hit my head yesterday with the refrigerator and can’t fall asleep feel almost impossible I need help 😭😭 sun one plzz

@ragememes7072 says:

Good because I was just jumped

@daMacadamBlob says:

Didn’t Bob Saget die in his sleep after a concussion?

@Dam_Pjo_Lover says:

Thanks a lot for this I feel a lot better

I got in a car accident yesterday and I have a mild concussion, I keep getting scared to sleep and think I will die in my sleep. So thank you! 🙂

@tetrisboi7731 says:

Thank you so much man

@christophercaron3042 says:

I had always heard that you shouldn't fall asleep after a concussion, but never that it would kill you. I always assumed that the fear is that you would slip into a coma after a concussion.

In heinsight I never heard this from a doctor, only friends and random people online

@AshtonCherry01 says:

I was playing pool and my friend hit the ball really hard and the 8 ball hit my head and I fell backwards and broke the pools stick and I was knocked out cold and I'm really tired now but man I don't want to sleep after this

@anam2133 says:

my son hit the back of his head pretty hard- doctor said check up on him for 24 hours if anything seems unusual haha….praying on this one

@fishlivesmatter says:

Thanks for the advice doc 😊 now i know what to do to die in my sleep 😉

@xdreamclapz3723 says:

Good cuz I just ate shit

@liquidfloodzz says:

Can I sleep tonight since I just got and concussion

@liquidfloodzz says:

I think I have a concussion but I don't know if I do or not all the symptoms sound the same but I don't think I have one

@DoctorGrim456 says:

Jesus everyone here is like a terrified 9 year old scared that there gonna die after thinking they got a concussion

@imreplyingtothiscomment2378 says:

Thanks man short and easy

@smashypeople says:

I've had 15 concussions, and I'm not retarded

@libertyprime5089 says:

Ya I got a concussion and woke up hours later feeling fine

@fancybotpaints says:

I hit my head when i fell now im super tired 🙁

@markfrantz4612 says:

I've had around 8 concussions. Sleep is best.

@randomuser2444 says:

I don't wanna die

@randomuser2444 says:

I font wanna die

@ABabe-om5dl says:

At a camp I went to a guy was tackled really bad playing football, he went to sleep and never woke up. And that’s why we don’t play football at our camp anymore

@cadence5277 says:

Lol i rammed into the wall, i feel lke im gona dei i am rlly tired and i haet light. I am nervus i have a concusionm. helo me pls (srry for bad typin i am havinv troubles with the stupid light pn my phonr)

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