Challenges in Brain Injury: Importance of Family Education

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Dr. David Ripley, Medical Director of Brain Injury Medicine & Rehabilitation at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, discusses the importance of family education for patients with brain injuries.

The Brain Innovation Center includes three floors of inpatient care, with more than 100 rooms designed specifically for patients with diverse brain conditions and medical needs. The environment features low-stimulation areas and ensures a safe, secure stay. This Center focuses on brain healing and recovery, and offers the world’s best medical and nursing care, diagnostic support and translational neuroscience research.

Rehabilitation of patients with traumatic brain injury requires a customized and individualized treatment plan. We have invested in a highly qualified medical and nursing staff. We have innovative high-tech equipment and provide a quiet, comfortable environment that promotes the best recovery.

Our team, approach and expertise attract a high volume of patients with diverse and challenging conditions. They travel to us from all across the United States and around the world.

Research is central to our mission and is integrated into our clinical care setting. Every member of our team contributes to the active pursuit of research and its application to daily patient care. These initiatives include the application of promising, potentially ground-breaking, interventions such as regenerative medicine.

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