Changes in Taste and Smell After Brain Injury

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Almost 25% of people with TBI experience changes in taste and smell.

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Mount Fuji says:

6-7 months from a brain bleed from a fall, couldn't smell anything at all initially. Now I can kinda smell my cologne that I use daily, but only if I smell it up close. Still can't smell new smells, only stuff that I smell daily e.g my cologne. Bought an essential oils training kit today, lets see how it goes lol.

Official Sentp says:

Few months ago, I was suffering from this illness Anosmia. But thank God I came Across Dr iyhere on youtube. With his herbal medication I was cured from loss of taste and smell🤗🤗*…..*

Banabas Jacky says:

After taking the healing medicine Dr Ediale sent for me I was totally cured from anoismia disease completely, thank you dredialeherbalhome on YouTube channel. I was confirmed negative by my medical doctor thank you very much Sir.

Lennox Morgan says:

I and my junior brother saving grace was Dr Madida on YouTube that cure me of Tinnitus and Anosmia condition.

Jesus Guevara says:

Had brain surgery had half my skull 💀 removed and lost complete sense off small it sucks

The Truth says:

This dudes mouth sounds are very loud

Lauren Ruiz says:

It’s been 2 years of not being able to smell 😣

Wylie Rhymes says:

My taste isn't messed up from my TBI but I can only SOMETIMES smell for a couple breaths. I wish there was some way to get my sense of smell back.

Raymond Swinehart says:

It can take longer than 12 months to return there are cases of people over 24 months reported to have their smell and taste come back.

Anime Otaku says:

I am suffering same problem

jamesgund007 says:

Thank you for this video. Going through something like that now.

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