Cognitive Deficits After Brain Injury | Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana

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After suffering a traumatic brain injury, patients may experience cognitive deficits. These deficits can include issues with attention, initiation, safety awareness, problem-solving, and processing. As each injury presents different challenges, RHNI will work with each patient to develop a plan of care specific to their needs.

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At Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana, we provide specialized inpatient rehabilitative services to our patients throughout the Michiana area. We see patients who often are recovering from disabilities caused by injuries, illnesses, or chronic medical conditions. We consider it a privilege to be able to offer this high-level care and are honored to be a vital part of our community.

Our hospital is located in Mishawaka, Indiana. We are a member of a larger network of rehabilitation and long-term acute care hospitals through Ernest Health, but are managed locally to best meet the needs of our own community. By being a member of Ernest Health, we are able to share information, knowledge, and resources with all our hospitals so we can continually evaluate and improve the delivery of care to our patients.

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