Cognitive Rehabilitation for Memory Problems After Brain Injury

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Dr. Angelle Sander explains what a cognitive rehabilitation program is, how the program helps with cognitive deficits (e.g. attention, memory reasoning and problem solving) and why she recommends both group and individual therapy.

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Shavonda says:

I have 3 beautiful daughters to raise and my mom told me after having my second daughter, that I cracked my skull when I was 4. Also I grew up silently depressed, when my grandma passed I was 15 and ran to the streets. I started using drugs and fighting which led me to even more damage to my brain. Thankfully God helped me to turn my life around starting at 18. I just wish for a miracle when it comes to my short term memory.

conman20000 says:

How do I find someone who does this?

Jenny Hughes says:

'Everyday goals' = tasks of daily living that we HAVE to do? Because our own 'goals' & things we WANT to do are mostly wiped-out now & after struggling to try to do ALL our daily living BASIC tasks (impossible for lots of us & there's NO help = creates mega stress & anxiety & depression) = hardly any energy left for anything else. Unless you're wealthy: then you can buy the best help of every kind = what they do, they have: cook, personal shopper, cleaner, gardener, accountant, secretary, body-guard – & so much more, these people (including many politicians) have NO idea how most of us live – and after brain injury (& disability) EVERYTHING is far more difficult to do.

Deb Blackmore says:

Try headway UK

megan gorynuik says:

how can I find out more information on the program?

Rick Beltrán says:

Thx 4 the video

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