Concussion Symptoms

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How can you tell if it’s a concussion? Neuropsychologist Summer Ott discusses signs and symptoms that may be indicative of concussion.

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Ollie Anthem says:

Patient says "when I woke up, I was in the ambulance"… This means it was a grade 3 concussion with loss of consciousness, not a grade 1 like she said…


I bumped my head into a metal cage had a concussion a week ago im having light sensitive and little clumsiness in walking will that light sensitivity continue? Or will it go away? I got a ct scan they told me that everything is ok why? Cant the hospital show me a xray? And do some hospitals not tell you much? So you wont get scared?

Pharaoh says:

I slammed my head against the ground and I all I remeber is riding a bike then sitting up and asking what happend….then pain dizziness and cant remeber much….so like IDK what to do

Bath Curtains says:

Just got back from the hospital. a transport truck door swung open and knocked me out.

G4g3_k9 says:

I live in ND do the ground is icy I slipped I hit my head on my cars bumper then hit the exact same spot on the ground :/

Sarah IsOkay says:

I just face planted of a horse after I was shaking a little and have a slight headache

MLGDoitos BRUHlol says:

I hit my head and I cut it and there is a huge bump I'm so scared

Breann Socolich says:

I hit my head on a Thursday and I was having a bad headache all weekend and then this morning (monday) I woke up an was vomiting all day and I felt dizzy standing up and was tired all the time, do u think I'm just sick or is it a concussion

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