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v1nce is. ooo says:

i got a concussion at school. we were doing reading me and a kid called Nolan bashed head/teeth nolan’s teeth hit my head and gave me a HUGE lump my mom checked my eye tracking and she said. I think u have a concussion

Nell van Triet says:

So I got a concussion 2 years ago but the way it was handled was probably not right, I worked at a summer camp and I was playing goalie for a soccer match. I dove to make a safe but I dove with only one hand, I made the save but because I didn't have my other arm stretched out I hit my head on the ground. I opened my eyes and I wanted to get up but I couldn't so my friend came over to give me a hand to pull me up but I couldn't really feel my legs or put strength on them so she let my hands go and I went unconscious. The next thing I remember is being helped of the field by two other friends and I turned to my friend and told her I was fine and that I could walk by myself and she pointed out that I was not even walking. So when I looked down I just saw my feet dragging on the floor and it took a few seconds for my brain to register that I could move my legs. I wanted to play a basketball match after but the camp director told me I needed to get cleared by the camp nurse if I wanted to play so I went to the nurse and told her what happened and she just told me to drink more water and that was it. I had a really bad headache for a couple of days.

IgorD says:

Another piece of advice: do not even think of drinking any alcohol after having the slightest concussion.

IgorD says:

The kid in the video: "Sir, are you done filming this, can we go to the hospital now? I'm not feeling well.."

PS: Great video. Thanks!

John Goos says:

Love your stuff! I'm a retired inner-city Paramedic and in charge of the medical training of our response team within a larger church and I utilize many of your videos to regularly email blast to keep our team trained for response. Thank you! You are a great teacher!

TristanPlayZRoblox T says:

I remember I got a concussion from a heavy object falling on me I was so dizzy and I felt like I was going to puke and I was shaking and I could not breathe for like a couple seconds and i did not go to the hospital but it was terrible I was falling asleep a bunch of times and I had a basketball game that day

Jason Franck says:

Can you get a concussion by simply getting jump scared extremely bad?

烝哥 says:

Can you child boy choking and CPR

tori belcher says:

I got a concussion in a volleyball game we were at away game and were doing our serves and the other team went to serve so I went to leave the court when I did I got hit in the head then when it was are turn so serve on of my teammates hit me with a ball I was fine during the warmups I went to get on the court I didn’t make 5 feet to the court before I fell I didn’t pass out so both of my coaches came over to me I wasn’t on the court yet they helped me up and got me to the bench then a minute or two later I felt numbness in my hands I couldn’t feel my hands one of my good friends who was sitting beside said I kept asking where I was at. One of my coaches was evuwating because he a nurse he told me to squeeze his hands I asked if I was squeezing his hands has soon has I asked that I passed out arrocding to them I stopped breathing and my heart stopped for a second so they preformed cpr on me and I was scared when I woke up in the hospital I didn’t know where I was at

frost says:

i had a concussion, the doctor and us thought it was minor, but then the headaches continued for a whole month at least 😂

I love Being crazy says:

I am 11 and I love you

Life as Me says:

Can you come over

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