Concussions Treatment For Visual Vestibular Dysfunction – Concussion Rehab

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Visual Vestibular Dysfunction is a common post concussion symptom (PCS). Here are a few tips on how to treat this concussion symptom on your own.

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DISCLAIMER This is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of doctors and/or healthcare professionals. Patients should consult their physician and/or healthcare providers in matters relating to their health, and in particular, with respect to any concussion and/or symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

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eighteen67 says:

Where are you? Toronto?

Aim4Amazing says:

Man, grocery stores been whooping my ass for six months.

S Mca says:

typical response of someone who does not understand…has to be done in a controlled manner , if its to help.

anna says:

I've exposed myself to these triggers for 2 yrs now and its not really getting better at all..

Sara Kirk says:

Great ideas, but….have a little sympathy for the experience of the patient. It makes sense when you are feeling well and looking at it from the outside. From the inside, it is pure hell. It doesn't suck- it is unbearable and makes you feel like you are never going to leave the hell you are in. I fought the fight. I did come out of the other side and continue to be "uncomfortable" every single day. It is a choice. It is the hardest one you will ever make. Remember to respect the battle your patients are fighting.

Golf Town Pro says:

You should discuss should those specialized treatments! 💯 agreement on everything else

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