Connecting to Identity after Brain Injury – What do you Value? (David Freeman + Cristabelle Braden)

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There are a lot of things you CAN do to help your recovery – and it’s built on the foundation of your mindset! Watch to learn some tangible things we can do to improve our recovery and overall wellness. Fitness professional David Freeman helps us to connect to our values and strengths.


💙 This is just a short clip from the conversation with David – check out our channel for more videos coming soon, and hear it all on the podcast:

0:00 Mindset Continues to Evolve
3:00 Identity after Brain Injury
4:30 What do I value?
5:15 The Importance of Sleep
7:50 Brain Fuel Nutrition
8:53 Management of Stress
10:20 Intentional Movement

David Freeman is a health and fitness professional that has been in the fitness industry for 10+ years. He is the National Digital Performer Brand Manager, Director of Inclusion and Diversity as well as the Co-Host of Life Time Talks Podcast with Life Time the Healthy Way of Life Company. He has been featured on the cover of Experience Life Magazine as an innovator within the health and fitness industry, and has been featured in Men’s Health and Men’s Journal, as the subject matter expert in helping change lives around the world and grow Life Time’s overall brand.
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