Coping with fatigue following a brain injury or neurological condition

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Occupational Therapist Kiera Stevenson introduces coping strategies for those living with fatigue following a brain injury. Managing fatigue is an important part of recovery and rehabilitation and fatigue is different to feelings of tiredness.

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Gary Walling says:

Ok, but why is the medical fraternity not doing anything to address this?

Miss Esqueda says:

It's not easy after a head trauma and yrs later a cup of coffee helps to get up for awhile..after 50 I need help.

Jenny U says:

After two years with brain injury I experience extreme fatigue, dizziness especially while driving. Any suggestions?

Billy Gnosis says:

9 years into a serious TBI and I can tell you, it gets better but its always my biggest challenge. I can't do any drugs as they raise my BP to unsafe levels. I find I need to just pace myself, take daily naps, exercise everyday and meditate. What makes it tough is these doctors don't really understand the brain and how much energy is needed for the simple tasks. Its not like breaking a leg, people understand that. a brain injury is unique for everyone and no 2 are the same…..hence the lack of understanding

Tools & Transportation says:

In my 28 years post brain surgery I finally find the answer I always knew was there. I have battle fatigue my whole adult life beyond the age of 19. Exercise is a definite must. I worked the first full year of my life after completing an Associate’s degree. 5 % was part the proving of myself mentally 95 % was from three years of exercise. I have reached peak physical fitness more than once in my life. The further I got away from exercise the closer I got to the fatigue that plagued me the first year after brain surgery. Thank you, thank you, 🙏🏼

Can anyone help with a disability claim? I have no insurance, no doctor, no medical decision, and are homeless due to this.

SqueakyPob says:

Thank you. Useful video (y)

Coulingknows says:

Out of all the videos I have watched this has made the most sense by a mile. I had a brain haemorrhage in April 2019 and can not get a hold on my life with regards to sleep and energy. This has made me feel like it is ok to feel this way, even though i wish i didnt

Jason Haynes says:

I don't understand why many videos, with great information have annoying background music. When you talk about attention seekers and attention sleepers i think your creating an attention seeking environment with needless noise over a fab video.

Rai Jones says:

After a year of having a concussion and now post concussive Syndrome, I’m still experiencing fatigue, all I can heard from doctors en the USA is that the fatigue is caused by depression when is the other way around. I get depress because I can’t do all the things I used to do and can’t function the same way or the same speed.

Rose Mary Parker says:

Thanks I have extreme fatigue. I have adrenoleukodistrophy. Never have been this tired. Will call my doc tomorrow.

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