Coping with TBI to improve quality of life

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Veterans who have experienced TBI, including some who didn’t know they had a traumatic brain injury until later, talk about their experiences. Listen as they describe the signs and symptoms of TBI and its effects on their families. By reaching out for help, they were able to overcome these obstacles and live better lives. See more stories at

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Xtreme Paranormal says:

I wish I could remember who I was before the March 27, 2019 underground mining accident I was in like everyone tells me I was! @

Mary Carroll says:

Can’t take anything more right now I don’t have any more time for y’all too much love for vets.
But today is my first time today for me! Amen 🙏🏻

Mary Carroll says:

Amen brother and sisters myself and my family all can be grateful for you all

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