Could Going Helmetless Solve Football's Brain Injury Problem? – Cheddar Explains

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CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, is a disease closely associated with American football players due to repetitive hits to the skull. This leads to brain damage over time including, memory loss, aggression, impulse control, and more. Is the solution to this disease helmetless football? The NFL has cut off all funding into CTE research but the A7FL is fully embracing the concept. Leave your comments below and be sure to subscribe.

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KDeet says:

I don’t think they’ll get rid of helmets. People go crazy from the sound of two helmets crashing into each other.

EternalNjem says:

Teach them not to go for the head.

EternalNjem says:

Rugby players have less injuries than nfl players. Let that sink in

charles segonga says:

They should incorporate it, it is much safer just like rugby

Bencil Busher says:

You'd also get rid of dirty plays like pulling someone by their helmet.

Elke S says:

I don’t see why not. It still looks like a very exciting, very competitive, very athletic and still somewhat aggressive sport. But you know Americans. they will probably shut the idea down, because these economic leaders of the “free world” are so resistant to anything different. They fucking hate change.

AM_Pak says:

When your body tackles, it shakes, your brain shakes, it damages your brain cells. And brain cells do not regenerate. Hence CTE.
STOP PLAYING THIS STUPID GAME. Play tennis, run track, play basketball.

Groud Zero War Updates Daily says:

I have cte at just 25

Carlos Barragan says:

Use a lighter protection helmet like those who are usted in rugby

Raquise hill says:

I just fucking realized I might have CTE

iitsTre_ says:

Honestly, Rugby is a superior sport so I think changing to helmet less football would be sick. Otherwise, If these fools would learn proper tackles from the jump, we wouldn’t need to consider it.

Mr.kachow says:

Uhhhh no be like der goes yer head

Lil gizzy says:

We just need to stop doing head to head contact that’s all it is just if he’s about to hit his helmet with you helmet spin move away lol

Mr.kachow says:

You still have to wear a helmet cause when you doggie pile and crush your head get kicked in the head football to head that shit will hurt and just tackle right

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