Could your brain repair itself? – Ralitsa Petrova

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Imagine the brain could reboot, updating its damaged cells with new, improved units. That may sound like science fiction — but it’s a potential reality scientists are investigating right now. Ralitsa Petrova details the science behind neurogenesis and explains how we might harness it to reverse diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Lesson by Ralitsa Petrova, animation by Artrake Studio.

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Famous videos says:

Don't give me hope if it's not possible to happen for just a simple content because being 80% paralyze is not easy to deal with. I'm one of your subscribers from the Philippines. Bryan Data.

Philson says:

For the rich maybe

Strip4jimmy says:

Learned how to walk and talk again after my stroke, I can also retain memories like normal, yes it can:)

The Truth says:

Pretty sure few days ago when this was recommended, the thumbnail didn't have yellow background.

K M says:

I would wonder if such things could help those whose brains are damaged due to Trauma might find this beneficial?

Papi Papi says:

It's 💯 percent true
The brain can definitely fixed his self

Miss Overcomer says:

This was 7 years ago, what's happening with it now?

Jack Damons says:

Our mutant brains do repair them selfs after critical damage slowly regenerating.
shoot our head off again and we will either mutate it back to normal or something else.

Thomas Marston says:

me when june ended:

Glory dog says:

This video was 7 years ago I wonder what progress has been made in that field

Daniel Balaoing says:

Omega-3 DHA 😋

Tuomo S says:

The God i know everything is possible!! Jesus died for our sins. John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Dragonax says:

Nah, it's too broken

Robert Schlesinger says:

A worthwhile video.

CreeperBoy7984 YTMCgaming says:

I'd have to be an extreme genius to do so. With 10000000000000IQ

Ruhollah Hassani says:

Careful planning for success in situations such as war, politics, business, industry or sports or the skill of planning for such situations

Sam Tux says:

Ah! Finally we can heal TikTok users!

J H says:

My mom’s brain scanning showed that some new thinner veins function instead of the old branch which was blocked.

Ray Tns says:

خليا عقلي تجددت بعد تجرب قوي في حياتي

Kevin Keller says:

My answer to this question is: YES!

9 years ago I had an accident in which I fell on my head and fell into a coma of 2 months. After waking up out of coma, I heard the doctors telling my dad I'd never be able to talk nor to walk and exactly that drove me to work on myself to be able to do this things. I tried every day to walk even though the nurses told me not to, or I'd hurt myself. After 2 weeks I could walk again and after 3 weeks my first words were "Happy birthday mom". So never lose the beliefs and never lose the will to work on yourself, even if it my take decades.
My point is; IF the brain believes in itself, it can achieve wonders, as long as it never loses the believes in itself!!

Could your brain repair itself?

cript crum says:

i fell on my head as a kid so many times. so now i experience stuff different from other people but I'm pretty normal tho so ion know

Ben habeeb says:

is this good news for boxers? didn't watch

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