Covid and the brain: A neurological health crisis

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Brain fog. Memory lapses. Difficulties focusing or sustaining attention. All these cognitive issues have plagued some who have otherwise recovered from a bout of Covid-19. In this video, Stanford neurologist Michelle Monje describes her work showing how even mild respiratory infections with the SARS-CoV-2 virus may lead to lingering problems with the brain.

Monje, who has long treated and studied cancer patients with similar symptoms following chemotherapy, says that the damage isn’t necessarily caused by the virus itself. Instead, her work suggests that inflammatory molecules released in the lungs of someone with Covid may trigger a reaction of immune cells in the brain.

These brain cells, called microglia, then start a cascade of signals that alter the behavior of other brain cells, eventually slowing communication between neurons. The good news, Monje says, is that the similarities to what she calls “chemobrain” may mean that many of these persistent cognitive problems will improve with time, just as chemobrain does.


Reset: The Science of Crisis & Recovery

Neuroinflammation During RNA Viral Infections
Some RNA viruses can infiltrate the brain and central nervous system. While the immune response often succeeds in clearing the pathogen, it may also cause inflammation and, in some cases, persistent changes that result in neurologic and psychiatric disease.

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christine swomley says:


Kathryn A says:

3 mo after Covid, problem w eyelids drooping.
Then diagnosed w Myasthenia Gravis, Ocular.
I’ve always been healthy, I believe a gift from Covid.

Cheesecake fan says:

I see these supposed intelligent people in this video wearing masks with eyes completely exposed.
I just laugh

Ron 1 says:

My son contracted covid 19 last year and as of now hes schizophrenia. I feel that the covid -19 triggered the schizo into onset

DJ Scott says:

Lets see a test study between those who've had covid but no vaccines and those who've been vaccinated but not sick. They will never do this test because it would show all issues are vaccine related. Every study is between individuals who've either had covid or didn't. That does not rule out the experimental vaccines as the culprit. No study I've seen accounts for them. Go figure!

sally Pickard says:

I cant smell anything other than roses since havin covid😢

KyleJgaming+medical reviews says:

Woah far out!!!

pharall betty says:

The primary cause of herpes, is the restrictions of blood flow,I will love to use this medium to thank Dr Omole on Youtube for his treatment, and it worked fine for me, thank you Doctor…

pludgooey says:

I got it from the vaccine alone

elizabeth Abbott says:

I do not understand; why are they getting it after being vaccinated?

Guymon says:

What a huge charade

Ms Coletha Albert says:

What happens to those who refused to mask and had Covid many times???

johnnyMIA1🎾 says:

He is so wise, my body literally collapsed when I pushed myself too far and need to take time for myself! My back would go out or the flu**guaranteed off for 4 days I never recognized till age 40

TomozukiII says:

I`ve noticed a huge decline in short-term memory after covid. Well, not right away, but within a year. I`m almost 40 and sometimes I can`t remember a simple 4-digit password right after I`ve read it.

Colin Barnett says:

Thank you. I caught covid early on in 2020, since which I have experienced all my joints swelling up making movement very difficult, a blood clot, horrendous fatigue, breathlessness and brain fog. Thankfully in the last 10 months I have been making good progress with my recovery. No more swelling or pain in my joints, balance and mobility loads better and an improvement on fatigue levels. And though breathing and fatigue is still a concern I have very recently discovered the Loraine antihistamine seems to help improve my breathing so I am really hopeful there is a continuing to my health improving. Where has the NHS been? Chest X-rays, blood tests etc all normal so they dismiss any concern. Thanks again for your insight.

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