David Goggins Doesn't Sleep

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John D Reilly says:

What are you going now slacker?

Eric Saindon says:

This title is misleading. But probably true 😂

Darken says:

Why dont he do boston marathons and demonstrate how in shape he is?

Janek says:

Imagine if he actually allowed his body to rest, recover and rebuild. Would he be even more of a beast?

Ben says:

he does sleep

Abraham Chisomo Namasasu says:

David u need to rest at least 1 day a week dude.

Eryk Pawlikowski says:

At this pace, the guy won't live to see his 60's. Dave should really do some therapy

Tante Mitzi says:

How does he make a living?

Anthony Jdjsjj says:

Yeah this that is actually so true brother yoo lol,and yeah I agree that stretching is actually really good and important,I never would a thought that that gay as shit would even do anything but boy was I wrong huh lol I actually love to do my stretches now y'all lol

ricardo delgado francisco says:

He has no ceiling

charles mckenzie says:

Dude, life is not you being a drill sergeant to people.

Stellar Cubic Beam says:

I will be recruiting David Goggins to be advising/assault tactic progressing the liberation project of humanity, with Jesus Christ at the front.

David Goggins Motivation says:

Proof David Goggins isn't a human 😂

Jimmy Alfonda says:

David Goggins just built different.

Klaudiusz Klecha says:

I think your trying to numb the pain, emotional one.

Klaudiusz Klecha says:

That's very Bad for you.

Samuel Rauma says:

Hes stupid because he doesnt know that mussels grow with rest so he is tecnically doing Works for nothing lol😂

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