Day 2- "Emotional Instability After TBI"

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For victims of Brain Injury, emotional instability is a daily struggle. Hyper sensitivity, lack of filter and erratic emotions are often consequences of head injury. Please visit to learn more, and follow us on FB
In honor of Brain Injury Awareness Month, we are uploading one video per day, in an effort to educate, inspire, and illuminate the public to the nature of the TBI world.

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Gracie P. says:

Anj, your description of Patrick's emotions being right there on the surface now really shows itself to be true here. As you talked, I was listening to you but watching Patrick. I couldn't help it. He was watching you with so much love in his eyes, I just melted. You are inspirational, and so is he. I found you while watching kitten surprise videos, and Prana's stopped me in my tracks. Patrick's reaction to her, his words, his wisdom – I teared up. It was so moving. And I can't imagine a more perfect home for a kitten with so much to give but who had been unwanted because of her deafness. Her birthday video is pretty moving too. With all my heart, I wish you both healing and joy.

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