Defeat Ankle Spasticity with These Top Tools

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Products used in this video:
mat table:
Black foam wedge:
Blue foam wedge with antislip bottom:
Step stool with handle:
Yoga block:
Blue strap with antislip back:
Even up foot lift:
Swedish knee cage (white):
Toe separator (more durable):
Toe separator (fits in shoes):

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Simpson says:

Hi Tara
Thank you for this info
My wife is the stroke survivor having said that she has no movement from knee down she can stand on her leg but there is no movement on ankle or toes is that spasticity and what should we work on to regain ankle and toes its floppy mostly and not curled


the knee hyper extending causing your foot to point downward.

Neo the_road_to_recovery_2020 says:

👍🤓Looks like a lot of familiar stuff that's still underestimated and takes time.

Lori Sutton says:

Spasticity really hinders recovery for sure

Meena Kothari says:

Thankyou dr Tara. Very valuable explanation . I understood all my spasticity problems and the solutions given by You. Shall implement them.Thanks a million. God bless

Demetrice Fountain says:

I have MS so work for me


im not sure if i do have spastic foot..i dont have involuntary pointing of foot down..but my foot rolls.m

Ray Tinsley says:

Please send me the link for the wedge

virtuoso Productions says:

Question: how often should you stretch your limbs? Generally, muscles go back to the spastic position after a stretch.

Aurora Seidner says:

Hi Tara, I developed a knee valgus, I send 8-10 hours in a wheelchair. How do i fixed it?

Anthony Dutchak says:

Yeah so far your the best physical therapist for my brain injury i sufferred on may 12th 2020 i was with my ex fiance were robbed at gun point at an ATM in Colorado Springs and of Course me being mr Daddy Bear tried to think i could get his pistol from him so there was no reason to give him anything but in the process of wrestling over the gun he somehow shot me in and out of my brain and that was when i was 26 im going to be 30 in jan 6th and my daughter who is going to be 9 this year who unfortunatley her mother and i split up when all this happenned but yeah if i even saw my daughter i still have to work on getting my entire left side is the affected side and i cant extend my fingers i roll my ankle when i try to walk or jog even a little bit can i ask how i could much for private lessons either via video or preferably in person i just want to get better so i can get back to my life and be the man my ONLY daughter Deserves im in Denver currently living but i dont care if i have to move or what but i will do whatever it takes to get there and the universe keeps pointing me back at these videos i did yoga everyday in physical Rehab and my left leg im finally after wearing a leg brace for 3 years i just cant use my ankle muscles anymore cuz they were isolated and cut off for so long that i havent lost feeling like i have to squeeze my entire left leg and walk with a stiff knee like im some Frankenstein or something and it really has made a huge impact on my life in EVERY way possible great and Terrible but you know that the ying and yang of life cant know what The Light is without any Dark and so on and so forth but im afraid im on a bit of a decline and i cant find anyone in Denver quite as knowledgable as you and would jump at the opportunity to discuss my symptoms and possibly put together a plan to get and hopefull keep me as normal as possible for as long as i do live its not like taking one to the pink and squishy exactly extends your chances on being here long on this planet and hopefully one day ill be making a living off helping others get answers like you do your an Absoloyley Amazing Woman really im sure youve helped if not 100s of thousands of ppl get back to their life in many a differrent ways i pray and hope that i and hopefully sometime sooner than later and my daughter can have a tiny taste if not a full meal of what it takes to be fufilled in mind body and soul and hopefully one day not struggle because before all this happenned to me your excercise videos is why im no longer wearing a brace but i still walk like frankenstein and lock me knee out when i walk since i dont trust my ankle not to roll but now im having blood flow issues on that leg and my entire left side i cant cook anymore which i used to love to do for myself and those i care about i figure its God taking all the distractions out of my life to deal with it since at first i was in a nursing home from 2020-2021 now i have a tiny section 8 apartment in a not so great side of Denver with no real help except my self both my parents are still alive but they see me as im my own man now and i should be i was Going to be but then i made retarded desscion to try and not give him the 1400 i had just pulled out for the mortgage at the time and i mean i didnt die but sometimes i kinda wish i did but i try and look at the glass half fulland so as you can imagine im doing everything i can possibly my crippled Brain can think of and sometimes my family if you or one of your ppl please and thank you can reach out to me via email
I dont mind if i have to move nothing Keeping me in Denver anymore. So yeah please do reach out to me looking forward to discussing operation: Get, Anthony Dutchak Back to as close to 100% though idk if ill ever fully be back to myself after losing a rather large side of the right side of my brain i just have to take a butt ton of medications now and none of them are any fun infact im pretty sure a few of them have side effects as im sure is possible ive spent hundreds of dollars if not thousands on supplements and treatmeants to hype baric oxygen chamber to NAD+ treatments but the one thing i do have a ton of trouble when i dont take my meds is i have a seizures and muscle spasms and the like

Sk says:

Great video doc

Bob Cahoon says:

Very good information. Unfortunately I am a parcel quad. Spasticity throughout.

Rajani Shah says:

What to do for vibration only foot ?

Rajani Shah says:

I did not understand Pl. make me with example so

Rajani Shah says:

Foot vibrat howto handal

Jilly D says:

Hi Tara 🌞
Thank you so much for this video! It contains so much information and you articulate everything so clearly. It's really great that you put all of these stretches/exercises in this one video so I can make it a regular routine.
I am so grateful for you because you have so much compassion and care so much about helping people like me with neurological mobility issues!

Kicknowledge Smith says:

I feel like if Spasticity/tone wasn't a thing, I'd be back to my old self. Spasticity/tone is hindering me a lot. I will keep fighting

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