Denver7 Investigates: The journey from tip to accountability

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Get a behind-the-curtain look at the journey from tip to accountability, spotlighting how sources have helped get families’ answers, and reveal truths that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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@freedomlvr88. says:

"no deaths are the same"
are you freaking serious!?
so by that ridiculous standard those recommending SOP are doing it wrong?
I'd like to know why there's even an option to not have SOP. can you ask that question please?
thats an excuse for sloppy, unprofessional police work by cops that don't really care about what they do for a living.
the fact that he thinks he doesn't need SOP screams ego is more important to him than anything else. he's not smarter than all those that recommend SOP. this case is a fine example of why there should be. there's no manual? why can't he make one and follow the other agencies? see what i mean?
lazy, slop.
what's his excuse for that?

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