Derek Amato, Sudden Musical Genius | HUMAN Limits

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A head injury turns a man into a sudden musical genius. #CoorsLight #ClimbOn #ad

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Mike Ll. says:

He’s just playing patterns not actual compositions. Most of people with squired savant syndrome have an obsession with patterns, I don’t necessarily see a skill or advanced ability other than seeing more patterns.

Teeveepicksures says:

After my head injury I would see different colors when listening to music. Everything looked vaguely like the cover of Stevie Wonders Superstition album.

Tibet says:

people really believe this bullshit?

Muscle Man says:

Synesthesia is an incredible phenomenon. It can be achieved by taking psychedelic drugs. I have experienced it one time briefly; I was seeing my emotions as colors, and seeing similar geometric shapes flying around my eyes as I heard different sounds. It is truly mysterious and incredible.

Charles Horseman says:

So what happened?

dennyfrontier says:

The opposite seems to happen to me. The more I hit my head the dumber I potatoes

碇・アスカ・ラングレー says:


Unko men says:

Fake or paranormal phenomenon.

ちあき says:

Crazy no.youLUCKYBOY💐🙇🎹nonstophappyEVERYWANPeople、LOVE&peace🌈☀️

としやありた says:


複数の端末がログインしています・ says:


victor 91 says:

How did he know finger placement, though? like he had no prior knowledge of which key sounds like what' and which keys to combine to make a good sound. This does not make any sense at all. Even if he had seen a piano being played, he is not mimicking anything he plays original pieces meaning he knew how to compose and play without learning. Thats pretty much a baby born talking fluently in a non-native language without even learning how to speak and pronounce first. Like no mama or dada, just a British baby speaking fluent Japanese from day 1 with correct grama and all

Painting Inspiration says:

I hope that Derek Amato gets to meet Derek Paravicini some day…….

James West says:

One word… How?

Сузанна Снежинка says:

That made me so sad. I would love to be able to play the Piano like him but not with these sideeffects

Jason says:

This isn't a big deal like he markets it to be, in return for cash. Being autistic means thinking/feeling in specifics instead of in general. As many as one person out of thirty have autism, among people with autism about 30 percent have some sort of savant skill. A savant skill is just an extremely accurate use of specific information, seems like perfection because the subconscious mind is helping and its far stronger than the filtered conscious mind of a normal person. We can be exact on piano, or at an engineers desk designing roads, or in the emergency room as a surgeon. We are everywhere we, just don't claim to be savants even if we know about it, because that would be immature and silly. This Amato guy didn't just get diagnosed, he ran in search of some expert on savantism, got pumped up on weird God worshiping hype, then went and made a few million dollars off sharing that hype. It's shameful to act like the messiah just because you have accurate patterns to use for playing musical scales. His so called expert thinks there are 50 prodigious savants in the world and hyped along those lines. Really, most don't have intellectual disability, seem nothing like rain man, and are maybe one out of every few hundred people. Many exist, and many do work of real importance, like Alan Turing. He invented modern computing while saving 2 million lives in ww2 in the process. Who the fuck does this Amato think he is?

Lawrence Litterini says:

Who in the hell owns a piano if they never played a piano ?
That's like parking a plane in your driveway yet you have no knowledge of planes what so ever.

Socialist As Hell says:

There is sooooooo much we don't understand about the brain.

HeavyProfessor says:

People with savant abilities don't have instant extreme expertise. They practice, too.

Radd Kills says:

do people actually believe this shit?

Blah Blah says:

Okay Kiefer, nice acting bro

Caroyln Jones says:

What a gift also sad about the headache though

Faithfulness says:

Not related to this really…I just wanted to say to everyone that Jesus loves you, He died for your sins and rose again, to give you a chance to inherit eternal life with Him. He is also coming soon and every eye will see Him (Revelation 1:7). He invites us to repent of our sins, and to be baptized by immersion, as a public demonstration that we accept the great sacrifice Jesus made for us. (John 3:16; Acts 2:37,38; Acts 17:30,31). Be encouraged by tuning into the "Inspiration: Greatest Bible Stories" by Doug Bachelor OR "Footprints of Hope" series, right here on YouTube. 😊

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