Detours: Understanding Acquired Brain Injury: Frontal Lobe Injuries

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Frontal Lobe Injuries: Executive Dysfunction and Psychosocial Disorders are some of the most devastating problems associated with acquired brain injury and sometimes leave a patient without the ability to ever work or socialize. Treatments are mentioned, though options are few.

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@doxie444 says:

Thank you sir, probably the best explained T B I frontal lobe damage video on YT . I can't find anything helpful. I need my family to understand it. I have totally socially with drawn now. I have almost no one but my young son. My gp has had me dosed up on venlafaxine, klonopin and promethazine I sleep all the time, I have to be on the wrong medication🤦🏼‍♀️ I have sat here for four years and made no progress at all, I'm going down hill. 😢

@cynthiamonteforte7658 says:

Excellent video. Thank you.

@butterflyfields314 says:

When being assessed with a head injury/mTBI, why do doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and neurologists testing cannot seem to differentiate between frontal lobe damage, PCS and ADHD?

@christopherkearney5843 says:

So i had a brain infection 36 years ago, when there was no Mri machines around. So all the information that I have read recently, even if I had a mild version. There is probably some damage. What i best i can describe with the infection. Is that there was a pimple or ball of puss inside my brain and the infection was attacked by the immune system. And the result was neuronal damage

@Evilkid2363 says:

Oh, and music and I’m very musically inclined and play about 15 instruments

@Evilkid2363 says:

Dedicated my life to fitness and health and coffee and cigarettes and just experiencing life

@Evilkid2363 says:

You got it bad? Try my shoes on and every single day I forget who I am and what I’m doing or what I did, everything! I remember past memories? Nothing else

@Evilkid2363 says:

It’s HELL! I have a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury and most of my damage was to my Frontal Lobe and Prefrontal Cortex

@lilyangiolini3837 says:

Thank you so much for this incredibly informative video. Our son is recovering from a sever TBI.

@theadhdbrainsmotherandsont4955 says:

Very informative 🧠

@TJ-zq1lt says:

Hey can you read my mri scan

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